Complete strategy for UPSC 2021

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The game of UPSC is a test of Knowledge and smart work. If you want to win this game your Strategy plays a very important role. So, your knowledge and smart strategy can make your success path.

Youth Destination’s UPSC 2021 Strategy is a milestone program designed to keep you focused for the next 365 Days. The Program is designed as per the class schedule. The strategy consists of four stages which are equal to 365 days i.e. 1 year.

  • Primary stage (basics)
  • Advanced stages
  • Advance + test series revision
  • Comprehensive revision (through test, crash course, 365 current affairs) + prelims and mains secure program

Note –

  • This comprehensive program is combination of free and paid inactive. Hence to get the best results of the initiative you need to join our class room program.
  • Roaming free initiative is open for all, you can choose by your choice.
  • Difference b/w free and paid – in your paid program (you will get complete pre cum mains classes + pre and mains complete test series with model paper discussion + current affairs 365 + study material + magazine + prelims and mains secure program). For more details call 9811334480, 9811334434


Primary stage (basics)

The primary stage is very important for all because it is the foundation of your journey. You need to follow it religiously. Here we have distinguished task (your and our).

  • First of all, go through syllabus of UPSC so you will have an idea what you have to study and take a basic idea of all subjects and according to that make your strategy. We have a comprehensive strategy for prelims and mains with previous year question paper. Hence you will read it after finishing the article. Click here to read prelims strategy, click here to Know for more about UPSC mains strategy
  • Study Previous Years Papers of prelims
  • At the early stages, reading some of the basic books is one of the necessities to create an understanding of basics concept to better performance in the class.
  • So, try to finish following books along with your class
  • Laxmikanth (Polity)
  • All-important NCERTs
  • Tamil Board book for Ancient Indian history
  • Youth destination IAS study material (Environment)
  • Youth destination notes of Science and tech prepared under the guidance of Dr. Ravi P. Agarhari
  • Indian art and culture (Nitin Singhania) + Youth destination notes
  • Spectrum for Modern Indian History + Youth destination notes
  • In your primary stage we will provide complete classes through upsc online course and best study material.
  • Our online test series for upsc is divided into 3 part (basic :12 test +advance:16 test + full-length: 12 test) related to the fundamental concepts of core Syllabus] So, first 12 tests is related to primary stage.
  • Always keep reviewing your progress. Read all essential NCERTs and books and attempt the daily quiz of NCERT. Keep the focus and do not deviate until you start getting results.


Advanced Stages

  • In this stage once again go through the syllabus and see how many subjects you have covered and how many left and start preparing for left subject like environment, economy, ethics with source books and now you should start following current affairs also.
  • During this stage you can start your optional subject also. Because you have read approximate all core subjects. Hence starting your optional gives extra edge to your preparation.
  • Try to start your optional subject test series and finish it within 3 months.

Form our side – we will provide following assistance for your preparation

  • We will start all conventional topics of mains (like world history, Indian society, IR, social justice, disaster management and ethics also through online classes for upsc.
  • Prelims and mains test series are also design as per the above topics, hence its video solution gives extra revision advantage
  • Current affairs revision classes (5hr per month)
  • Revision test series for prelims subject (started from 3rd week of advance classes through online test series for upsc programe.
  • Read Daily Newspapers
  • Current affairs are crucial for gaining a competitive edge in the Civil Services exams. To work with the government, you have to first know what is happening in the country. So, started reading The Indian Express and The Hindu on a daily basis and started making my own notes from all the news that you have to read and understand.
  • Hence you will follow following rules
  • March April May June – Complete All the ncerts + Current affairs
  • July August September – Complete your Optional + CA + Answer writing
  • OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY– Complete Mains Syllabus + Answer writing
  • Feb to April – Prelims Only Studies + Revision
  • May – Revision + Mock tests


Advance + test series revision

As we discuss above this part is dedicated to the revision and practice. Here we will summarize your preparation through various free and paid program. The initiatives are –

  • Mains comprehensive 120days answer writing program along with 75 days prelims program
  • Daily mock test prelims
  • Daily revision task (primary syllabus)
  • Daily current affairs revision through MCQ

Comprehensive revision (through test, crash course, 365 current affairs) + prelims and mains secure program

Comprehensive revision is the last stage program for your preparation. It will start form last month of before prelims and mains.

  • Revision classes for current affairs
  • Revision classes for core syllabus through crash courses of prelims and mains
  • 11 most important test for prelims
  • 10 most important test for mains

Do’s and don’ts

  • Students Always remember that Strategy is always from Mains perspective. Be Mains ready before Prelims and finish the maximum syllabus before Prelims. (At Least 65%)
  • Make short notes on each and every subject of General Studies (not more than 60-70 pages)
  • Complete the optional at least once before Prelims through any best online classes for upsc
  • Have a good answer writing practice before Prelims through youth destination daily mains answer writing program
  • Sunday is a holiday but you can utilize it as a essay writing days

Roadmap for time table preparation 

Primary stage

July to October

  • First priority: prepare your Optional subjects (complete the syllabus at least once)
  • Daily answer writing on questions based on The Hindu editorials through our free initiative
  • Don’t wait for finishing syllabus first, start answer writing immediately. At Least you can do this for current affairs-based questions, and for core you can watch our free initiative of mains daily answer writing

Advanced Stages

November to February

  • Priority to: GS 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Mains perspective) watch our best online classes with top most facility
  • Start writing Mains format mock tests along with prelims test
  • Revise optional (daily 2-3 hours) along with tests series
  • Start writing essays (once a week), try to write at least 5-6 essays before Prelims and send to our forum

Advance + test series revision

March to Prelims

  • Only priority is Prelims now try to solve al least 5k question
  • Revise the notes from Prelims perspective and make a fact book
  • Learn paper solving approach just before Prelims.
  • You may stop reading newspapers

Comprehensive revision (through test, crash course, 365 current affairs) + prelims and mains secure program

Prelims to Mains

  • Only priority is Mains now and write minimum 7 mains question daily except test series
  • Before the result of Prelims, learn left out GS topics.
  • Keep revising the complete set of notes.
  • Write full length tests- Essay, GS and Optional

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