Beginners Guide to Civil Services Exam by top IAS Academy in Delhi

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The Indian Civil Services is one of the most coveted career choices for bright students across the country, and every year thousands of students appear for the UPSC Civil services exams with hopes of making a career as a government servant. 

Indeed, cracking the Civil services examination can transform the lives of aspirants, but for that to happen they have to burn the midnight oil in preparing for these exams. For good reason, the Civil Services examinations are considered one of the toughest exams in the country; and it requires students to invest a good amount of time for preparation. Many students in fact travel away from their native place to study in the best IAS academies in Delhi and other similar centres. 


Just hard work, however, is not enough to prepare for the Civil Services Exam. To cover the vast range of subjects, students need to prepare for the exams in a planned and structured manner. 

In this blog, we will discuss some tips and strategies to approach the Civil Services Exam, but before we do that let us get an overview of UPSC & Civil Services Examinations. 


What are UPSC Civil Services Exams?

Civil Services Examinations are conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) to induct the best and the brightest candidates in elite government services like Indian Administrative Services, Indian Police Services & Foreign Service etc. UPSC also conducts other exams like Forest Services exam and combined defence services etc, but the CSE (Civil Services Exams) are the most sought after by young aspirants across the country. 


The Civil Services examinations are conducted in three stages that are preliminary exams, Main Exam & Interview. 


Prelims – The preliminary exam is a screening test to select students for the main examination. It consists of objective type questions and is split into two parts which are called General Studies Paper – I & General Studies Paper – II. 

Mains – The mains are a written exam in which candidates are required to prepare for nine separate papers. In these papers, candidates are required to write descriptive answers for the questions. 

Interview – The interview is conducted by a board of competent & unbiased observers who assess the candidates on their mental traits & social competence by asking questions of general interest. 

The Civil Services Exam is one of the most competitive exams in the country and qualifying in these exams requires incredible discipline and determination. 


Simple Tips to Crack UPSC Civil Services Exams 

Cracking the Civil Services exams may be difficult but it is certainly not impossible; all it needs is hard work and an intelligent approach towards preparation. Here are some basic tips suggested by teachers of Youth Destination which is a top IAS coaching in Delhi 


  • Understand the Curriculum 

The subjects covered in both the Preliminary exam and the mains are quite vast; numerous subjects like History, Geography, Culture, Sciences, Languages & polity etc are covered in the syllabus. So, before you begin your preparation get a good idea of all the subjects that needs to be covered.

Doing this will give you a sense of how much time you need to invest in your preparation and also help you gather the right study material for each subject. 


  • Structure your Studies

A well planned and structured approach is necessary for covering the vast syllabus of the Civil Services Exams. You need to create a smart study schedule which gets you through the entire syllabus without compromising on any subject. 

How well you study is just as important as how much you study. You should study in a way that makes you conceptually strong, so that when you come across a question that is peculiar or unusual; you don’t get intimidated. 


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  • Stay Updated with Current affairs 

Being aware of the current affairs of India and the world is very important for the Civil services exam. The papers include many questions that test the general awareness of candidates

To keep yourself updated, you should read as many newspapers & magazines as possible (Including regional language newspaper) and be aware of all the important events. Regularly reading blogs can also help you keep up with important things that are happening around the world.


  • Take Regular Mock Test Series

There is no better way of appraising your preparedness than taking regular mock tests. These tests allow you to make an honest assessment of your preparations and help you identify gaps you need to fill. Mock test series will sharpen your exam strategy and help you improve your performance. 


  • Keep yourself healthy & stress-free 

Preparing for the Civil Services exams can be quite tiring and some students get burned-out by the demanding preparation requirements. Taking care of your physical & mental health is very important while you prepare for the exam. Remember, only when you are healthy and Stress-free, will you be able to give your best performance. 


Why Choose Online coaching

To help students with their Civil Services Preparations numerous Coaching institutes have opened all over the country, but lately online coaching for IAS has also gathered speed. In times of COVID – 19 pandemic online coaching has proved to be especially useful; and it has helped students carry on their preparation while they remain within their home. 

Online classes have caught on with the youth as it allows them to take lessons from the top teachers from the comfort of their homes. It provides students with resources like live online classes, recorded video lessons & online test series etc which helps them with their Preparations. 


About Youth Destination

Youth Destination is counted amongst the best IAS coaching centres in Delhi, and it has helped numerous young students prepare for the UPSC Civil Services exam. 

It provides a conducive environment to IAS aspirants and empowers them with simple & crystal clear methods to prepare for the exams. Be it the classroom coaching conducted by Youth Destination or its online course, both have made a name amongst young students hoping to make a career in the Civil Services.

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