China’s Fengyun 4B weather satellite

Recently, with its 16th orbital launch of 2021, China has successfully launched Fengyun 4B weather satellite into geosynchronous transfer orbit.

The Fengyun 4B satellite weighs 5,400 kg. It will be mainly used for ‘Weather Analysis and Forecasting and Environment and Disaster Monitoring’ etc.

Key points

  • This satellite will provide accuracy in high-frequency monitoring of China’s atmosphere and the ability to observe many small scale and short duration weather activities.
  • Its tenure will be of seven years and it will revolve in geostationary orbit at an altitude of 35,786 km above the Earth for 7
  • Earlier ‘Fengyun-4A’was launched at the end of the year The life of ‘Fengyun-4B’ will be more than five years from this satellite.
  • This satellite is manufactured by ‘Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology’ (SAST) and ‘China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology’ (CALT).
  • Both ‘SAST’ and ‘CALT’ are subsidiaries of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC).
  • The ‘Fengyun-4’ series of meteorological satellites is a new generation of geostationary weather satellites.

Source: The Hindu

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