China-Russia ‘Joint Sea 2021 naval exercise’

China-Russia Joint Sea 2021 Naval Exercise

Recently, China and Russia are conducting a joint naval exercise named Joint Sea 2021 Naval Exercise in the Sea of Japan.

Key Points

  • This joint naval exercise was started from October 14, 2021. It highlights the latest sign of a growing political and military alignment between Russia and China.
  • The exercise began in the Peter the Great Gulf of Russia in the Sea of Japan. It will run till 17 October 2021.


This joint naval exercise will include communication, joint maneuvers and firing, anti-air and anti-submarine operations, joint maneuvers and firing at sea targets.

China in exercise

  • For the first time in the exercise abroad, China will be represented by anti-submarine warplanes and destroyers of over 10,000 tonnes.
  • China will also be represented by warships such as the Type 055 Large Destroyer Nanchang, the Type 054A frigates Binzhou and Liuzhou, the Type 052D Destroyer Kunming, the Type 903A Massive Supply Ship Song Pingu, ship-borne helicopters and fixed-wing anti-submarine warfare aircraft. Russia, on the other hand, will be represented by anti-submarine ships, aircraft and warships.

China-Russia cooperation

  • China and Russia are holding joint exercises as they unite to oppose US dominance in global affairs.
  • Both countries have been bitter critics of Washington’s foreign policy in Afghanistan. China generally follows Russia’s lead in matters like Iran.
  • It has become increasingly vocal in defending its vital interests in Taiwan, the South China Sea and Indo-Pacific relations.
  • China has also strongly criticized Australia’s deal to acquire eight nuclear-powered submarines made of American technology.

Source – The Hindu


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