Chief of Defense Staff (CDS)

Chief of Defense Staff (CDS)

Recently, An important meeting will be held under the chairmanship of ‘Chief of Defense Staff’ to settle the issues related to Theater Command. Efforts will be made in this meeting to resolve differences on all subjects related to the structure of ‘Theatre Command’.


  • The combat structure of all these Armed Forces, Army, Air Force and Navy, is being reorganized into ‘Theatre Command’. Its objective is to channel the resources of the three forces under a single commander. This commander will be responsible for all actions under his ‘Theatre Command’.
  • It is to be noted that at present, there are seventeen commands of the three armed forces, with 7 commands each under the Army and Air Force, and 3 commands under the Navy.

About Chief of Defense Staff (CDS):

  • The Kargil Review Committee, constituted in the year 1999, had recommended the post of ‘Chief of Defense Staff’ (CDS), who would be a single-point military adviser to the government. A separate four-star general’s post was created for them.
  • The Chief of Defense Staff serves as the permanent chairman of the ‘CDS Committee’. In this committee, the three armed forces are included as the main members.
  • The main task of the ‘CDS’ would be to promote greater operational synergy between the three armed forces of the Indian Army, and reduce inter-service conflict.


  • The person appointed to the post of CDS will not be eligible to hold any government post after retirement.
  • No private employment will also be allowed without prior approval for five years after retirement from the post of CDS.

Roles and Functions:

  • The Chief of Defense Staff will provide ‘single-point military advice’ to the government, and coordinate planning, procurement and logistics among the armed forces.
  • It will ensure the integration of operations in all the three areas of land-air-sea through the formation of theater commands.
  • The Chief of Defense Staff will also act as the military advisor to the ‘Nuclear Command Authority’ headed by the Prime Minister, as well as commanding tri-service organizations to handle new war zones such as space and cyberspace.
  • He will also serve as the Principal Military Adviser to the Defense Minister and the permanent chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC). Be aware that the CDS will also be a member of the ‘Defence Acquisition Council’ and the ‘Defence Planning Committee’.

Source – The Hindu

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