Chandler Good Governance Index (CGGI) 2021 Released

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Chandler Good Governance Index (CGGI) 2021 Released

The ‘Chandler Good Governance Index’ (CGGI) -2021 has recently been released by the Singapore-based Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG).

CGGI -2021 has ranked India 49th in the list of 104 countries, whereas Finland is ranked first, Switzerland second and Singapore third in this list.

Key points:

  • In CGGI-2021, India’s neighboring country Sri Lanka is ranked 74th, Pakistan 90th and Nepal 92nd.
  • The Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG) is an international non-profit organization that works in the field of good governance.
  • The CGGI is an annual index prepared by government professionals to measure the capabilities and effectiveness of governments in 104

The CGGI Index measures the capabilities and effectiveness of national governments around the world on the following seven pillars.

  • Leadership and foresight
  • Robust laws and policies
  • Strong institutions
  • Financial stewardship
  • Attractive marketplace
  • Global influence and reputation
  • Helping people rise


  • A good government plays an important role in the development of any country. Through the ‘Chandler Good Government Index’, countries are motivated to provide better public services for citizens and create a positive environment for businesses.
  • The Chandler Good Government Index also sets out the tools and framework for effective policy making.

Good Governance

  • It gives a vision to the government which is committed to creating a just and peaceful system and protects the human rights and civil liberties of the individual.
  • The ‘Goal- 16’ of the Sustainable Development Goal is related to improvement in governance, inclusion, participation, rights and security.

Strive for Good Governance in India

  • A Good Governance Index(GGI) is released by the ‘Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions’ in India to assess the status and results of good governance in the country. So that the effect of various actions taken by the Central Government and the State Governments in the public interest can be assessed.
  • Good Governance Day is observed every year on 25thDecember, (Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s birth anniversary). The purpose of which is to create awareness among citizens about accountability of the government.

National e-Governance Plan:

  • The main objective of the National e-Governance Plan is to make all government services accessible to the common man through the Public Service Provider Center and to ensure efficiency, transparency and reliability in these services to meet the basic needs of the common people.
  • The Right to Information Act of 2005 plays an effective role to ensure transparency in governance.
  • In addition, the establishment of NITI Aayog, Make in India and Lokpal etc. has laid the foundation for a good governance in India.

Source – The Hindu

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