Chabahar Port

A bilateral contract was signed between India and Iran to develop the Chabahar port in May 2016, now, as part of the same contract, India has handed over two mobile harbor cranes to the Chabahar port in Iran.

  • India is expecting some easing of US sanctions on Iran after US President Joe Biden recently clarified US policy on re-joining the Iran nuclear deal.

Location of Chabahar Port:

  • Chabahar port is located in Sistan-Baluchestan province of Iran. Located in the Gulf of Oman, this port connects Iran’s southern coastline to India’s western seaboard.
  • Chabahar Ports is built on the southeastern seaboard of Iran. This port has been declared a trade free zone by Iran.
  • The port is located at a distance of 72 kilometers on the west side of Gwadar port in Pakistan.

Importance of Chabahar Port for India:

  • Medieval traveler Al-Beruni also called Chabahar, the Gateway to India. Chabahar means ‘four springs’.
  • It is considered a gateway to golden opportunities for trade with the three partner countries as well as other Central Asian countries.
  • China is rapidly developing its Belt and Road Initiative under the ‘One Belt-One Road’ project. In such a situation, Chabahar ports can also act as a response to Gwadar port being developed with Chinese investment in Pakistan.
  • In the future, the “Chabahar Project” and the “International North-South Transport Corridor” will complement each other by optimizing Indian connectivity with Russia and Eurasia. Iran has also become a military ally of India, with the Chabahar ports being developed and operated by India.
  • Through this, India will also help in combating the Chinese presence in the Arabian Sea. Gwadar port is located 400 km by road from Chabahar and less than 100 km by sea route. China is making efforts to strengthen its position in the Arabian Sea through the Gwadar port in Pakistan.
  • It may be noted that India-Afghanistan trade still goes through Pakistan, but Pakistan keeps on obstructing it. Through the Chabahar ports, Afghanistan will find another way to trade with India.

Source – Indian Express

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