CERT-In New Directions on Reporting Cyber Incidents

CERT-In New Directions on Reporting Cyber Incidents

Recently, Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has issued new instructions.

Under this, Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers in India have been made mandatory to store users’ data for five years.

  • CERT-In is an institution under the ‘Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’. It is the national nodal agency to respond to computer security breaches.
  • The mandate of CERT-In applies to Virtual Private Server (VPS) providers, VPN service providers, cloud service providers and data centers. Its purpose is to maintain accurate information on customer registration details.
  • A VPN is an encrypted connection from a device on the Internet to a network. It helps users hide their browsing history, Internet Protocol (IP) address, geographic location, their web activities and the devices being used.
  • An IP address is a special web address that identifies a device on the Internet or local network.

Effect of the new step of CERT-In-

  • Companies will be forced to use storage servers. This will increase the cost of the companies.
  • The privacy of the end users may be reduced. With this their browsing and download history can be monitored.

Source – The Hindu

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