Centre reconstitutes Inter-State Council (ISC)

Centre reconstitutes Inter-State Council (ISC)

Recently, the central government has reconstituted the Inter-State Council (ISC).

According to the Indian Constitution, the President (under Article 263) can establish such a council. At the same time, he may also be empowered to define the nature of duties to be performed by such council.

The ISC was constituted in the year 1990 as per the recommendations of the Sarkaria Commission.

The ISC is a recommendatory body on issues relating to inter-state, center-state and central government relations between union territories.


  • It is headed by the Prime Minister, while the Chief Ministers (CMs) of all the states and six Union Ministers are its members.
  • The Chief Ministers of Union Territories which have Legislative Assemblies and Administrators of Union Territories without Legislative Assemblies are also its members.
  • The Standing Committee is headed by the Union Home Minister.

Source – The Hindu

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