Content Delivery Network (CDN) regulation issue

Content Delivery Network (CDN) regulation issue

Recently, the issue of regulation of content delivery network (CDNs) has led to a dispute between big technology companies and telecommunications companies.

  • The controversy over the regulation of CDNs has sparked a debate over net neutrality. Telecom companies are supporting the proposal to regulate content distribution networks (CDNs).
  • The regulation of CDN was not included in the recommendations of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on net neutrality. These recommendations were submitted in the year 2017.

Net neutrality or network neutrality:

  • According to this, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should not make unreasonable discrimination in favor of any particular apps, websites or services. They must treat all data passing through their networks fairly.
  • CDNs are groups of servers located in different geographic areas. They work together to deliver Internet content faster.
  • Thus, Internet companies such as search engines (such as Google) and OT content providers (Netflix etc.) will increasingly use CDN services to supply services. CDN management software algorithmically calculates which server is closest to the user seeking content. Based on these calculations, it distributes the content.
  • However, telecoms say that if access to CDNs is not ensured on equal terms, it may raise the issue of net neutrality. In this situation better quality CDN service can be provided to the customers of priority companies.

Source – The Hindu

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