CCPA’s New rules bar misleading ads

CCPA’s New rules bar misleading ads

Recently the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) has issued guidelines on “Guidelines on Prevention of Misleading Advertisements and Endorsements for Misleading Advertisements, 2022”.

The CCPA has notified these guidelines to curb misleading advertisements and protect the interest of consumers.

CCPA is an institution under the Department of Consumer Affairs. It has been established under the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 (CPA, 2019).

It has been established for the purpose of regulating the following matters:

  • Violation of consumer rights,
  • Adopting unfair trade practices, and
  • False or misleading advertisements.

These guidelines will be applicable to advertisements published on all platforms. Penalties have also been prescribed for their violation.

Non-misleading and valid advertisement terms have been prescribed. These are the following:

  • It should not be a misleading advertisement exaggerating accuracy,
  • it is scientifically valid
  • There should be universal acceptance of the claims presented etc.
  • In this, bait advertising has been defined. Also, conditions have been laid down for such advertisements.
  • Induction advertising is an offer to sell an item, product or service at a low price to attract consumers.
  • Surrogate advertising is prohibited. These are advertisements that have been prohibited or prohibited by law.
  • If consumers pay for packaging or any other unavoidable cost, no goods, products or services will be described as free in free claim advertisements.
  • Ads targeting children must not encourage or inspire exemplary behavior.
  • Also, no personality in sports, music or cinema shall be featured in advertisements for products that require a health warning under any law.

Source – The Hindu

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