Carbon capture process

Carbon capture process 

Why in news ? 

According to a recent Oxford University study, relying on CCSS technologies to achieve net-zero carbon emissions is not viable.


  • It is a process designed to mitigate the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) generated from industrial processes and the burning of fossil fuels, particularly in power plants.
  • The goal of CCS is to prevent a significant amount of CO2 from entering the atmosphere and contributing to global warming and climate change.

Carbon capture process

Benefits of CCS

  • Prevent Global Warming: CCS directly reduces greenhouse gas emissions at the source.
  • Simultaneous Pollutant Removal: Oxyfuel combustion (during CO2 compression) reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulphur dioxide(SOx) gases, providing dual benefits by addressing multiple pollutants.
  • Economic Benefits: Creates jobs for skilled professionals, contributes to economic growth through applications in power generation, geothermal energy, manufacturing, and infrastructure.

Source – Indian Express

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