Blue dragons

Blue dragons

Why in news ?

Recently, blue dragons (Glaucus atlanticus) have been spotted on the beach and in waters near the shore in Besant Nagar in Chennai.Blue dragons

About the Blue dragons:

  • The blue dragon (Glaucus atlanticus) is a type of mollusc known as a nudibranch.
  • They also are known as blue sea slugs, blue angels, and sea swallows.
  • It rarely grows larger than three centimetres long.
  • An air bubble stored in its stomach keeps the blue dragon afloat.
  • Distribution: It can be found drifting on the surface of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans in temperate and tropical waters.

Features of Blue Dragon

  • This underwater predator possessed distinct features that made easy categorization challenging.
  • According to experts, the animal featured a crocodile-like head and large paddle-shaped flippers.
  • Its back flippers were larger than its front flippers.
  • This predator possessed nearly binocular vision, making it a deadly hunter.
  • More than five feet long, this aquatic creature also featured a dorsal fin similar to the great white shark.

Source – The hindu

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