What Is Bloatware App

Bloatware app are also known as ‘Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP)’. These are unnecessary programs affecting the performance of your device.

Bloatware app are being criticized for unnecessarily filling up the device’s storage and affecting the system’s battery life and overall performance.

These apps, usually running in the background, are ‘hidden’, and it becomes difficult for users to find them.

It can be any software on your computer, phone or tablet that consumes a lot of resources like memory, storage and battery life.


This type of bloatware comes from manufacturers and third-party developers, and usually comes preloaded on your device.

Trialware: Users can use this type of app as most of these apps are made available in free trial mode in new devices. However, even after the trial period is over, these programs continue to consume your device’s resources.

Adware: This type of bloatware is usually downloaded while downloading software from the Internet.

Source – The Hindu

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