Black Box of Indonesia Crashed Aircraft Found (Crashed Plane Found in Java Sea)

Black Box of Indonesia Crashed Aircraft Found (Crashed Plane Found in Java Sea)

  • Recently a plane of Indonesia’s Sriwijaya airlines Boeing 737-500 crashed near the Java Sea.
  • The Indonesian Navy has discovered the black box of the aircraft from the Java Sea and the cause of the accident is being ascertained along with the identification of the dead.

इंडोनेशिया के दुर्घटनाग्रस्त विमान का ब्लैक बॉक्स मिला Black Box of Indonesia’s Crashed Aircraft Found

Java Sea

  • The Java Sea is an ocean located just north of the island of Java in the East Asian country of Indonesia.
  • To its north lies the South China Sea and to the east the Flores Sea. The area of ​​this ocean with low average depth is about 3.2 lakh square kilometers.
  • A fishery is a major economic activity in the Java Seas. More than 3,000 species of marine organisms are found in the area. Karimunjawa National Park is located in the area of ​​Java Sea.

Black box:

  • Any commercial or corporation aircraft essentially has a cockpit voice recorder and a flight data recorder. Both of these are colloquially called black boxes.
  • These boxes have no work when the aircraft is in the air, but when an accident occurs; it shows what happened in the aircraft just before the accident.
  • If the aircraft crashes over the ocean, these black boxes go underwater, in which case they are discovered by an underwater locator Beacon – ULB. Black boxes can send all messages under water up to 14,000 feet deep. It would not be irrelevant to state here that the black box is not black, but its color is bright orange.

Source – Indian Express 

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