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It’s often assumed that there is a language bias towards English in the Civil Services Exam. But, the truth is that there are many Hindi medium students who successfully qualify in the Civil Services examination. This is because; the civil services exams are more about intelligence and articulation rather than the language of your choice.


Preparing for this exam and articulating your thoughts in Hindi can be quite challenging, but with the right training and guidance, you can get around this problem.


To provide an equal opportunity to Hindi medium students, Youth Destination has developed a curriculum that is comprehensive and sensitive towards the needs of Hindi Medium students. And, to reach out to as many students as possible; Youth destination has also started UPSC online coaching in Hindi Medium.


Let us look at some aspects of Hindi online coaching by Youth destination that make it one of the best online classes for UPSC in Hindi


  1. Best Hindi Medium Teachers

One of the major challenges for Hindi medium students is that they have to settle for whichever teacher is available. At Youth destination, however; the faculty is competent and experienced enough to understand the needs of Hindi Medium Students.


Youth destination offers UPSC online classes in Hindi and that too by top and experienced teacher. These classes provide the same level of teaching as English medium classes and are in no way inferior. Taking online coaching in Hindi medium is the first towards realizing your dream of becoming a civil servant.


  1. Study Material in Hindi

Finding a comprehensive and good quality Hindi medium study material can be quite difficult. The online Hindi Course of Youth Destination offers study material that covers all the subjects extensively and is of a quality that is at par with the English medium material.


By signing up for the online course, you can get access to this study material with ease and you won’t have to run around looking for the right Hindi medium books. This study material will help you build a strong foundation for each subject and give your preparations the right direction.


  1. Bilingual Online Test Series

All online coaching centers offer test series to their students, but the ones offered by Youth destination are bilingual i.e. the questions are in both Hindi & English.


The benefits of practicing on test series are many. For the prelims, they allow you to make a fair assessment of how good your preparations are, what are your strengths and what are the areas that need your attention. Test series also help you in getting used to the exam environment, so that you don’t get nervous on the day of the Civil Services Exam.


The Mains test series by Youth Destination is also available Hindi and it gives you an opportunity to articulate your thought and ideas in Hindi which you can replicate in the exam.


By taking mock tests regularly, lets you keep your preparations on track and helps you assess and improve on your performance.


  1. Live Hindi Lectures

Youth Destination uses many online tools like live video lessons, recorded lectures and online doubt clearing sessions etc. which make the learning process more engaging and effective. Separate live video lessons are conducted for Hindi medium students and recorded video lectures are also provided to aid the learning process. Enabled with these resources, Hindi medium students can also hope to compete with the top IAS aspirants and get a good rank.


  1. Study From Home

There are some benefits of online UPSC classes that stand true irrespective of the medium of instruction, and one of those benefits is that you get to study from home.


By enrolling in online coaching you get to prepare from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to travel long distances to attend classroom sessions; you can simply switch on your computer and attend live online lectures. This gives you more flexibility to plan your preparation and allows you to give more time to your self-studies.


Preparations tips for Hindi Medium Students


  1. Current affairs Knowledge – Good knowledge about all significant things that are happening around the country and the world is essential for CSE preparation. You should read whatever material you find in magazines, blogs, general knowledge books etc., and, articulate your thoughts about the subject in Hindi.


  1. Develop a schedule – To clear a tough exam like CSE, you not only need to work hard but also make the most of your time. The UPSC civil services curriculum is quite vast and you need to have a strategy to approach it. You should figure out a strategy that works best for you and then commit to it wholeheartedly.


  1. Build a strong foundation – UPSC exams are not the kind of exams in which you can memories the syllabus and appear for the exam; In fact, very often these exams have an element of surprise. Having a sharp memory will always help; but in addition to that, you should also make an honest attempt at understanding all the subjects conceptually. Only when you have a strong foundation in a subject will you be able to answer any question related to it, whether they are simple or complicated.


  1. Take Mock tests – Taking as many mock tests as possible is probably the most important aspect of your preparation. Most students who clear the UPSC exams recommend giving mock tests on a regular basis. The benefits of giving mock tests are many; you can get to know your strengths and weaknesses, you get used to the exam environment and it helps improve your performance.



It is unfortunate the way people feel that Hindi Medium is a disadvantage; for a Civil Servant who works in the interest of common people it should, on the contrary, be considered an advantage. However, rather than worrying about the language Hindi-Medium students should focus on preparing well for the UPSC exam and try to get the highest rank possible.


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