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Are you looking for the Best Online Coaching for UPSC IAS preparation? Youth Destination is one of the most advanced Online Coaching For UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation in English medium. We all know that the impact of COVID-19, a worldwide pandemic on our lives has been unpredictable. Before the pandemic, UPSC Aspirants relied on a traditional Classroom Coaching to prepare themselves for the exam. However, educational institutions were banned due to the Corona pandemic. So Youth Destination has Introduced The Well Structured Online Classes For UPSC which will Enhance the Knowledge of Aspirants in a structured way.

Why Youth Destination for Online Classes ?

  • Daily 2-4 hours of recorded as well as LIVE classes.
  • Dedicated App And Website For Online Classes Without Interruption & Convenient.
  • Online Classes with Offline Environment.
  • Online Prelims and Mains Test.
  • Study Material by post at your Doorstep or Available in PDF Forms Which is Downloadable through Our website and APP.
  • Video/Phone/WhatApp/Text/ In Person For One to One Discussion with Mentors.

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Speaking about the benefits of the internet, We are so lucky to have every knowledge resource right before our eyes. If you wish to learn anything, you Just need to Tap your Fingers and all The Experiences and Learning will came in front of your eyes all you need to do is learn online. Well, Youth Destination has always striven forward with time So that’s why We have introduced Online Classes for UPSC and State PSC, Now Each and Every Aspirant Can Learn with Convenient with our Dedicated App And Website.

10 Reasons why you should invest in online classes for UPSC/IAS

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  • 83% Increased knowledge in Current Issues with updated lectures.
  • 67% Enhanced online experience with our portal and app facilities.
  • 35% Increased understanding of concepts with the help of Dedicated Mentor.
  • 75% Better instant doubt solving through our two way communication with teacher, 1v1 Doubt session with Mentor and Discussion Forum.

12 little changes that will make a big difference in your online UPSC/IAS coaching

Do you know 73% of the students suffer from these 10 problems in Online Class Mode

  1. Network Problem
  2. Visibility of Content in Phone/Mobile
  3. Voice & Sound Clearance problem
  4. Timely Uploading of Videos
  5. Availability of Notes
  6. No Feedback on Doubts
  7. Test Series Availability
  8. Rank Improvement
  9. Lack of Mentorship
  10. One way Communication

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10 Reasons why you should invest in Youth Destination's Online Classes for UPSC With Affordable Fees

  • Consistent and Structured Classes for Complete Syllabus Coverage.
  • A Combination of Live as well as Recorded Classes.
  • Weekly Current Affairs Class Which will Cover all Important News from The Hindu, Indian Express etc. RSTV, Important Magazine & Newspaper.
  • Proper test Series For Prelims & Mains Aligning with the Online Class Schedule.
  • Devoted mentors will Clear you doubts and analyze your Progress, available 24/7 on call, text, WhatsApp & Video Call.
  • Live Sessions with our teachers to clear your doubts Instantly.
  • Test are Conducted subject wise, Current Affairs, Govt News, IYP, NCERT etc. Available in Both Medium.
  • Comprehensive and Intensive Study material Coverage NCERT Level to Advance level knowledge.
  • Monthly Magazine Compilation for Current Affairs will be provided.
  • Daily Prelims test + Answer Writing practice.

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The current pandemic has forced all institutions to evolve from a full off-line Traditional Mode to Fully Online Classes Mode Providing Online Classes becomes the necessity of time.

Advantages of Online IAS Coaching :

  1. Maximum Accessibility :- Online-interactive classes are now available from everywhere at the click of a button. Aspirants can receive quality guidance without worrying about campus travel or social distance restrictions. Technology has greatly expanded the chance of access education.
  2. Economical And Affordable :- Online Coaching stresses less on your pocket. It cuts expenses on travel, training, hiring in-house training, hiring a trainer, printing materials etc.
  3. Peaceful and Calm Environment :- Online Coaching provides a calm and isolated environment in which students can avoid the noise of other students to study which they cannot do in offline coaching.
  4. Flexibility :- Video back-ups of online-interactive classes make it easy for students to easily catch up in lectures if they don’t remember them. Study material is available online and students have the freedom to complete classroom studies whenever their schedule allows.

Coaching for UPSC Civil Service exam is one of indispensable part of preparation in both the Modes (online/offline) have their own pros and cons. Online classes are less likely to explore and find things. But, when considering Distance and Affordability then Online classes are better than Offline Coaching. Both Offline & Online Mode of education are effective in their own way.

These are 10 things about online civil service coaching all aspirants must know:

  • Online Coaching focus to provide right guidance on IAS exam preparation. It allows candidates to identify their strong and weak areas which are always not possible in traditional classroom coaching. You can download study material easily and can save your time and space.
  • Online coaching is cost-effective compared to classroom coaching. You also save traveling time, money, accommodation, rent and food expenditure etc.
  • Online Coaching is flexible. You can continue your job, regular college while preparing online for UPSC Exam.
  • Online coaching saves your time without compromising on the quality. You can access study material as per your convenience. Literally online coaching is possible anywhere in bus, college, tea break, lunch or even in the office. You have no need to change your schedule to attend online coaching.
  • Students prepare under the guidance of expert faculty. They can clear your doubts anytime. These dedicated mentors not only clear your doubts but also motivate you for the civil service exam.
  • You would be provided updated current affairs on a daily basis. Lectures on current affairs also will be available which will help to understand the concept in a better way. Daily comprehensive news analysis covers all the important news for the IAS exam.
  • Video lectures on current topics for the civil service exam will be provided for all subjects like Polity, Economic, Geography, History etc.
  • The online IAS coaching program provides lectures on the whole IAS syllabus and the syllabus is upgraded from time to time.
  • Teachers who are Specialists in their relative field will cover up difficult but unique topics like international relations, disaster management, internal security, ethics, India year book and economic survey etc.
  • Mock test series make a difference between serious candidates and the remaining ones. Online mock test series will give you the actual feel of the IAS exam. You can also increase your writing speed and thinking skills. Writing practice is very helpful to clear the IAS exam.

Why Should you Choose Online Civil Service Coaching

This is the era of technology, smartphones and smarter people, so why don’t we choose a way of smart study? A lot of candidates are choosing the option of online coaching, mock test series, current affairs, video lectures and tablet programs provided by the best IAS coaching. They have years of experience to train IAS aspirants. That is why they score good in the IAS exam.

Youth Destination is known for its comprehensive coverage of the entire syllabus with ease. That is possible because every class, every move made is calculated. If the faculty at the youth destination suggests that they will finish the syllabus in 40 days, then you will get that. However, comprehensive coverage does not mean rushing through the syllabus. 

Your destination brings to you the best mentors and topnotch teachers to prepare you for your dream job. We know that UPSC Exam is not a joke. That’s why Youth Destination provides special care and attention to research and development. Talking about the R & D department of Youth Destination we need to tell you something amazing. 

Every online test and assessment is taken by Youth Destination is done by experts at the R & D department of Youth Destination. These experts understand the flow of questions that have come in the last five to ten years and analyzes the patterns. Based on these analytics and data, they prepare the most scientifically prepared online tests conducted on IAS exams. 

Guess what? You can qualify prelims within 132 hours of study! Youth Destination can change the way you think and prepare for competitive exams like UPSC. However, there is something even better for you. Youth Destination has gone out of their way to provide you with the best possible ways to crack this exam. 

NCERT is one of the toughest areas for most preliminary candidates. The syllabus is quite basic and understandably students think it’s easy. And, that’s why they can be deceiving when it comes to prelims qualification. There is no doubt that NCERTs cover questions from classes 6 to 12. However, everyone needs to practice and remember everything as they used to know when they were young. 

Almost all classes on UPSC examinations are held online and that’s the catch. You can learn from the safety and comfort of your living or study room. We don’t need to worry about the pandemic or any other difficulties that you may have travelling. Choose your online classes and be done with it. 

Did you know that Youth Destination provides for free resources as well? Their segment on current affairs, mind mapping techniques, older test series, and some other study materials are completely free! You can get started now and understand how Youth Destination has the potential of changing your perspective and approach towards competitive examinations. 

If you are sitting for UPSC this year or the coming year, you need to be on top of your current affairs. Even though you have access to newspapers on your own, you need someone to tell you what to look for. Newspapers run for a number of pages and not everything is relevant to your cause. So it’s important for you to understand what exactly can make your life with ‘current affairs’ a better one! 

Youth Destination, having understood this scenario, has figured out a wonderful way to make you understand the news. Absorbing news and information is a skill and you will learn how to master the skill of analyzing news through Youth Destination. Newspaper analysis like that of the Indian Express, The Hindu and Livemint is provided by Youth Destination.

Some of Demo Classes And Lectures (English Medium)

Some of Demo Classes And Lectures (Hindi Medium)

Why It is Important to Choose Right UPSC Online Coaching

The Union Public Service Commission or UPSC is known to be one of the most difficult exams to crack. People from all over the country sit for the exam to start their dream career and help the nation develop. Nearly 10 lakh candidates sit to give this exam, but barely 1% of these candidates qualify. The statistics proves how competitive and difficult this exam is. To crack such a difficult exam, coaching is highly recommended

Taking Online classes for UPSC is one of the best solutions for all the candidates. During this pandemic, all schools, coaching centers and colleges have shifted to online classes, or if they are Busy some where else or They are Not living in City like Delhi and which is extremely beneficial for all the students as they don’t have to skip or repeat a year. Mostly all the UPSC Coaching, have started giving online classes, which for the candidates is extremely beneficial. By taking Online Classes for UPSC, one has the freedom to choose his/her own learning environment. The candidates do not have to commute to class, which means more study time is available to the students.

Youth Destination is one of the Best Online Classes for UPSC, We make sure each candidate gets equal time and attention. The professors of the Youth Destination are extremely supportive And Also candidates have an option to watch the recording the online lectures so that they can Watch it whenever they want to and we provide Online Classes in Both Medium, Which helps the Candidate Understand better with there Preferred Language which will eventually be beneficial for them to Crack the Exam.

Now for the most important part of the UPSC Exam, Prelims and Mains, most coaching centers have experienced professors, but the lack expertise in the study material. The candidates do not have the right amount of study material which is required. The Youth Destination provides the right amount of study material, We have guides, Magazines, Question papers, etc. which are available Online as well and it is easy for the candidates to just download the pdf and study from them. They take practice exams again and again, so that the candidates have enough confidence and knowledge for the actual exams.

To choose the Best online coaching for UPSC , the candidates should see the success rate of that coaching center. They should see how the centers are managing their classes And Schedule, they should first take a few trial classes and then decide which coaching Classes suits them. A lot of candidates must be wondering if the coaching center helps them with prelims & mains, most coaching centers do conduct test series which helps the candidates understand and improve their mistakes, which prevents from making the same mistake in their prelims & mains. Youth Destination is a trusted institution providing right guidance and helping their students at every point of their UPSC Preparation Journey. Here, we only have the best and the finest teachers with lots of experienced Mentors who guides Candidates on a daily basis. We provide everything to students whatever they need to crack UPSC exam. We want to roll out the best candidates out of our institute who would make us proud and hold a respectable position after cracking the exam.

Which is the Best Online Coaching for UPSC Preparation ?

Are you looking for the best online coaching for UPSC IAS preparation? Youth Destination is one of the most advanced online IAS academies for UPSC exam preparation in both Medium. It is one of the best learning platforms for complete syllabus coverage through interactive online classes. Mock test series, current affairs quizzes and more. Youth destination offers the best Online Classes For UPSC at reliable fees. Our expert faculty provide online coaching with excellent time tested standards along with exclusive sessions for clearing doubts & We also Provide 7 Days Demo Classes for Both Online And Offline Classes So that Student can Check Our Classes Environment, Teachers Teaching Style, Explanations, Doubt Clearing Session & Notes Etc.

Key features of our UPSC Online course

  • Tested time management strategy with India’s top UPSC coaching center.
  • Prove your rank by revising the whole syllabus with the best teachers
  • Interactive online lectures to keep the learning more effective
  • Test series programs available just for you
  • Candidate can ask their doubts from their mentors after the live class
  • We have a team of experienced and highly qualified teachers who are ready to train and help students to achieve their goals in the first attempt
  • Carefully selected IAS study material provided to students that saves their time and keeps them focused
  • The structure of the IAS online course is designed in a way that it covers all the important topics asked in the Civil Service exam covering the current affair and CSAT exam questions
  • In case you miss out on some classes you will have an option to watch our recorded online lectures videos

Get coached by the best minds at Youth Destination

Youth Destination IAS academy is one of the Top IAS Coaching in Delhi. We aim to create a better India by mentoring the candidates to be exemplary civil servants who make the country proud.

Youth Destination has been rising up to be the Best IAS Coaching within a short time span that produces consistent results every year without fail.

We, at Youth Destination, clearly focus on an important and detailed understanding of the syllabus covering optional subjects too.

Candidates should have proper knowledge about what not to read besides knowing what to read so that they can focus and study in a disciplined manner.

You will be guided accurately by choosing our IAS course material that saves your precious time and resources without diverting your focus.

Is online coaching helpful for IAS preparation?

It overall depends on the coaching center that you have chosen. Youth Destination is far better than any other UPSC Coaching or an Institute.

Online coaching not only saves a lot of time but also can be conducted simultaneously from remote locations. You will just need a Mobile or laptop or any other internet connected device for live streaming or downloading the classes. There is no need to travel from one place to another. You can cover a wide geographical area through online coaching.

Candidates will have the opportunity to avail personalized coaching once the class is over and can post their queries in the chat box and their doubts will be clarified immediately. You will also receive the necessary feedback within a short period.

Students can stay updated about the syllabus change in the UPSC exam through online coaching and will get all the updates about the change in the class schedule and faculty allotment.

The teachers and mentors are highly experienced allotted in coaching. Most of them have previously served as Civil servants in top government organizations so you will get their first hand experience.

Moreover, online UPSC preparation is highly effective and beneficial for improving writing skills. It will help you to cover a large part of question booklets before appearing for the Prelims exam.

The commission will judge your skills as future bureaucrats mainly through what you have written in your answer sheet. Your answer should reflect an informed analytical awareness and an unbiased mind of students; these are the necessary characteristics for being a strong administrator.

Make sure to take demo classes before joining any online coaching so that you can have a slight idea of their methodology and whether they meet your requirements or not.

So, it is understandable that online coaching is far better than regular classroom coaching, especially under the circumstances of the Covid pandemic.

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