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We all know that the impact of COVID-19, a worldwide pandemic on our lives has been unpredictable. Among the many sections the impact on education happens to be the extreme indispensable. Before the pandemic, the aspirants of the UPSC Civil Services examination relied on traditional classroom coaching institutes to prepare themselves for the exam. However, educational institutions were banned due to the Corona pandemic. So Youth Destination is Introducing The Best Online Classes For UPSC Aspirant Because Teaching and supplies of materials were restricted in the classroom.

Looking for the Best UPSC Online Coaching & Classes

Daily 2-4 hrs of recorded as well as LIVE classes

Online class with Offline Environment

Study material by post at your Doorstep 

Online Prelims and Mains Test

Video/Phone/WhatsApp/Text/ In Person 1v1 Discussion with Mentor

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10 Reasons why you should invest in online classes for UPSC/IAS

83% Increased knowledge in Current Issues with updated lectures 

67% Enhanced online experience with our portal and app facilities 

35% Increased understanding of concepts with the help of Dedicated Mentor 

75% Better instant doubt solving through our two way communication with teacher, 1v1 Doubt session with Mentor and Discussion Forum

12 little changes that will make a big difference in your online UPSC/IAS coaching

Do you know 73% of the students suffer from these 10 problems in Online Class Mode

Network Problem

Visibility of Content in Phone/Mobile

Voice & Sound Clearance problem

Timely Uploading of Videos

Availability of Notes

No Feedback on Doubts

Test Series Availability

Rank Improvement

Lack of Mentorship

One way Communication

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10 Reasons why you should invest in Youth Destination Online Classes for UPSC With low Fees

Consistent and Structured Classes for Complete Syllabus Coverage.

A Combination of Live as well as Recorded Classes.

Weekly Current Affairs Class Which will Cover all Important News from The Hindu, Indian Express etc. RSTV, Important Magazine & Newspaper.

Proper test Series For Prelims & Mains Aligning with the Online Class Schedule.

Devoted mentors will Clear you doubts and analyse your Progress, available 24/7 on call, text, Whatsapp & Video Call

Live Sessions with our teachers to clear your doubts Instantly.

Test are Conducted subject wise, Current Affairs, Govt News, IYP, NCERT etc. Available in English as well as Hindi Medium.

Comprehensive and Intensive Study material Coverage NCERT Level to Advance level knowledge.

Monthly Magazine for Current Affairs will be provided.

Daily Prelims test + Answer Writing practice.

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The current pandemic has forced all institutions to evolve from a full off-line format into an on-line one. Providing Online classes for UPSC becomes the necessity of time. UPSC online coaching institute can help you in online exam preparation right from home.

Advantages of Online IAS Coaching :

  1. Maximum Accessibility: Online-interactive classes are now available from everywhere at the click of a button. Aspirants can receive quality guidance without worrying about campus travel or social distance restrictions. Technology has greatly expanded the chance of access education.
  2. Economical: Online coaching stresses less on your pocket. It cuts expenses on travel, training, hiring in-house training, hiring a trainer, printing materials etc.
  3. Peaceful and calm environment: Online IAS coaching provides a calm and isolated environment in which students can avoid the noise of other students to study which they cannot do in offline coaching.
  4. Flexibility: Video back-ups of online-interactive classes make it easy for students to easily catch up in lectures if they don’t remember them. Study material is available online and students have the freedom to complete classroom studies whenever their schedule allows.
  5. Coaching for UPSC Civil Service exam is one of indispensable part of preparation and both the mediums (online/offline) have their own pros and cons. Online classes are less likely to explore and find things. But, when considering distance and funding, online classes are better than offline coaching. Both mediums of education are effective in their own way.
  6. At this time, it will not be appropriate to wait for normalcy to restore the situation and then start preparing for UPSC CSE 2021. There are so many imponderables at this time. No one knows that when the lockdown will be removed. If removed, all restrictions will be imposed to maintain the social distancing.
  7. UPSC civil service examination is considered one of the toughest examinations in the country. Every year a lot of aspirants appear in this exam. They wish to join the prestigious civil service in the country. Competition has been rising day by day. That is why a lot of online civil service coaching are emerging in major cities. Delhi is considered the best place for IAS coaching in India. Many candidates migrate to Delhi every year to attend UPSC coaching so that they can clear the IAS exam.

10 Things About Online Civil Services Coaching all aspirants want to Know

But there is no need to travel physically to attend class in this technical Era. Online civil service Coaching enables aspirants to prepare for the exam from their homes. When you join IAS coaching then the chances of your selection are higher.

Every year the Union public service commission conducts a civil service examination to select candidates for prestigious posts in government departments like IAS, IFS and IPS.

To prepare for the toughest exam in the country you should join one of the Best Online Coaching For UPSC.

These are 10 things about online civil service coaching all aspirants must know:

  • Online Coaching focus to provide right guidance on IAS exam preparation. It allows candidates to identify their strong and weak areas which are always not possible in traditional classroom coaching. You can download study material easily and can save your time and space.
  • Online coaching is cost-effective compared to classroom coaching. You also save traveling time, money, accommodation, rent and food expenditure.
  • Online Coaching is flexible. You can continue your job, regular college while preparing online for the IAS exam.
  • Online coaching saves your time without compromising on the quality. You can access study material as per your convenience. Literally online coaching is possible anywhere in bus, college, tea break, lunch or even in the office. You have no need to change your schedule to attend online coaching.
  • Students prepare under the guidance of expert faculty. They can clear your doubts anytime. These dedicated mentors not only clear your doubts but also motivate you for the civil service exam.
  • You would be provided updated current affairs on a daily basis. Lectures on current affairs also will be available which will help to understand the concept in a better way. Daily comprehensive news analysis covers all the important news for the IAS exam.
  • Video lectures on current topics for the civil service exam will be provided for all subjects like Polity, Economic, Geography, History etc.
  • The online IAS coaching program provides lectures on the whole IAS syllabus and the syllabus is upgraded from time to time.
  • Teachers who are Specialists in their relative field will cover up difficult but unique topics like international relations, disaster management, internal security, ethics, India year book and economic survey etc.
  • Mock test series make a difference between serious candidates and the remaining ones. Online mock test series will give you the actual feel of the IAS exam. You can also increase your writing speed and thinking skills. Writing practice is very helpful to clear the IAS exam.

Why Should you Choose Online Civil Service Coaching

This is the era of technology, smartphones and smarter people, so why don’t we choose a way of smart study? A lot of candidates are choosing the option of online coaching, mock test series, current affairs, video lectures and tablet programs provided by the best IAS coaching. They have years of experience to train IAS aspirants. That is why they score good in the IAS exam.

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