Which is the Best Monthly Magazine for UPSC IAS

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Best Monthly Magazine for UPSC IAS 

Magazines are considered extra reading materials but they’re very useful in the preparation for the UPSC civil service exam. There are a lot of current affairs magazines for UPSC preparation available in the market.

Are you wondering why a topic regarding the best monthly magazine for current affairs for civil services is being given so much importance? Well, clearing the UPSC civil service exam is not easy. The vast syllabus of UPSC and memory retention still remains a major issue even with the most studious and disciplined aspirants. And this is the point where certain magazines for UPSC prove to be useful. Let us take a look at the best magazine for exam preparation along with current affairs and other current affairs sources. It will help you to prepare better for the UPSC exam.

Importance of current affairs in UPSC exam

Magazines are the best way to summaries the all-important events of both National and International importance. Current affairs magazines offer A to Z information whatever you have read in the newspaper, especially from the point of view of Civil Service exam preparation. 

A good current affairs magazine also includes criticism, discussions and expert advice on exam preparation, success stories of the toppers and even mock tests for practice. Of Course, there is no substitute for a newspaper. You must read it daily and also refer to standard books and practice the question paper from previous years.

Reading current affairs magazines is helpful in revising what you have read in the newspaper over a period of time and also helps in memory retention.

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How does the best magazine help in UPSC preparation

Current affairs magazine is a singular all-encompassing source of information about a subject but a newspaper’s grasp of the subject is fragmented. Magazines like Yojana and Kurukshetra provide topic coverage from multiple perspectives. Articles on various topics are published by numerous industry professionals in these magazines which are extremely important in preparing for the Mains exam. 

UPSC exam is basically about analysis and conceptualizing and these magazines make it easier and more comprehensive to do so.

Reading the newspaper is a fantastic way to prepare for the current affairs section but reading a magazine complements it and works as a revision and retention tool. Since the syllabus of the UPSC exam is wide and you can apply something noteworthy to current affairs in any area in the syllabus. Current affairs information can be widely used in the Mains exam.

Best & Most Recommended Magazine for UPSC

UPSC does not provide any official list of magazines that must be read for IAS exam preparation. Here, we have brought a list of 5 important magazines based on expert reviews, popular opinion and toppers recommendations.

Undoubtedly, all UPSC aspirants have heard about this magazine while preparing for the UPSC exam. This magazine is considered the best magazine for UPSC. This monthly magazine provides general facts as the union ministry of Information and broadcasting publishes it. This current affairs monthly magazine is a one-stop solution for all events that are of national importance including various government legislations and initiatives, social-economic problems and credible criticism.

This magazine is published by the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and is considered one of the best magazines for the UPSC exam. But unlike the former, Kurukshetra is not as crucial as Yojana. It covers news and events pertaining to agriculture and rural India but if you want to brush up on your knowledge and assessment of the government at this point then Kurukshetra is mandatory.

The environment section has gained noticeable weightage in the past few years. The Down to Earth magazine not only helps you prepare for the topic under the environment section but also other ones of national importance including economics, security, health and livelihood.

  • Economic and political weekly

This magazine is a must-read for every UPSC candidate, especially for the Mains exam. Economic and political weekly, popularly known as EPW is more like a literary forum where you can find the critical discussions and comments by important Businessmen, Political Leaders, Academicians, Researchers and well-known personalities in India. It is a great source to gain and brush up on knowledge on the subject of Politics, Sociology, Economics, Culture and the environment.

  • Monthly preview by PRS

Since the current affairs hold immense weightage in the IAS exam, you cannot miss any important official policies and programs launched in the Economy.

This monthly magazine helps in consolidating the facts related to all government reforms, policies and bills passed.

  • Civil Service Times

It provides researched materials from the most genuine and reputable sources such as ministry websites, media and formation Bureau, Government agencies and so on. It gathers in-depth articles on different topics written using questions from the previous years. This magazine focuses on all of the exams, important topics, events of national and international importance, International relations, Science and Technology and the Economy.

  • Geography and You

This magazine is a bi-monthly magazine and covers the various aspects of science, technology and sociology from across the world. This magazine is best for answering questions on the Environment and Geography in the Prelims exam and mains as well. This has been one of the most popular magazines among candidates interested in Geography.

  • World Focus

This has been a leading Indo centric International affairs publication and policy analyst.

Legislators, diplomats, experts, decision-makers and prominent researchers submit to World Focus. Every month this magazine examines and debates global topics from an Indian point of view. Moreover, current events of national and international importance, economic diplomatic, national security problems and foreign policy are covered in the world Focus Magazine. This magazine is really helpful to students in the memory and Mains General Studies paper and interviews as well.

  • Competition Success Review

Abbreviated to CSR and is very popular among candidates who are preparing for the competitive exams. It is considered a useful magazine for civil service aspirants because of its all-encompassing format both for prelims and the Mains exam. Every issue of the magazine covers the summaries of events happening around the world and country. It features UPSC toppers’ success stories and a constant arrangement of interviews for civil service candidates.

  • Chronicle

Chronicle is also a well-known magazine among UPSC candidates and other competitive exams too.

This magazine helps candidates in being more exact in their preparation. The magazine provides many suggestions, unique features, mock tests, dos and don’ts and tips for interview rounds to improve the competitive spirit. Another characteristic of this magazine is that it is created with the reader’s mind.

Some Most Important Tips :-

If you have limited time and you want to select one of the best magazines then go for Youth Destination Current affairs magazine and Yojana without thinking much. Both these are crucial for UPSC Prelims and mains exam preparation. 

Yojana magazine covers India centric themes and trustworthy facts and statistics.

The Hindu or Indian express newspapers are suggested by toppers for UPSC preparation again and again.

Moreover, you can also read Economics times, Livemint etc.

Kurukshetra magazine exclusively covers rural development concerns in India. Therefore, it is an essential publication for UPSC preparation and candidates should consult at least one other magazine for current affairs along with Kurukshetra.

Generally, it is suggested to refer to at least 12 to 15 months of current affairs for the UPSC exam.


UPSC exam is not an average competitive exam where you have to simply put your knowledge but it needs application of the knowledge that you have gained from your study conceptually and diagnostically.

These are the best magazines mentioned above for current affairs for UPSC. It will help a student to gain all-encompassing information and its related perspectives.

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