‘Bell of Faith’ Service for Rural Elders

Recently, the ‘Bell of Faith’ scheme has been started for the elderly citizens living alone in the villages of the state of Kerala. Earlier also this scheme has been successfully implemented in the urban households of Kerala.

‘Bell of Faith’ scheme

  • The ‘Bell of Faith’ scheme is an old age security scheme envisaged as ‘Community Policing Scheme’ of the state of Kerala.
  • Under this, elderly citizens can call their neighbors for help using a ‘loud voice’ through a remote-controlled alarm in the case of a crisis. This scheme is being implemented in Kerala from the year

Importance of ‘Bell of Faith’ scheme

  • The ‘Bells of Faith’ scheme sets a better example of a community partnership to help the elderly and ensure safety. This scheme can be very helpful for the elderly who are concerned about their health during the COVID-19 .

Source – PIB

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