Australia’s National Museum to Return 14 Artifacts to India

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Australia’s National Museum to Return 14 Artifacts to India

Australia’s National Museum to Return 14 Artifacts to India

Recently, the National Art Museum of Australia has said to return 14 artifacts of historical importance to India. A large number of “religious and cultural” artifacts are present in this museum.

  • Some of these date back to the 12th century, when the Chola dynasty in Tamil Nadu ruled a prosperous state of art.
  • The Chola dynasty was a Tamil dynasty. It was founded by Vijayalaya. Rajendra Chola was the most famous ruler of the Chola Empire. He was the successor of Rajaraja Chola.
  • The Great Living Chola Temple, a group of Chola temples in Tamil Nadu, has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • The Chola period is also famous for its metal sculptures. A prime example is the idol of Shiva Nataraja.

Returning Artifacts:

  • Statue of saint Sambandar in dancing posture belonging to Chola dynasty in 12th Sambandar is one of the three main saints ‘Moovar’ of South India. His statue is found in almost all Shiva temples in Tamil Nadu.
  • Statue of a Jain Tirthankara (Jin) in a seated posture on an arched altar, 11th-12th century; Mount Abu region, Rajasthan, in which the 5 Tirthankaras are usually depicted in simple poses. It shows non-violence and aversion to worldly possessions. These are the central ideas of Jain ideals.

Initiatives for Conservation of Cultural Artifacts:

  • UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property has been signed.
  • The scheme is being operated by the Ministry of Culture to protect India’s intangible heritage and diverse cultural traditions.

Source – The Hindu

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