America’s achievements in Afghanistan in 20 years

America’s achievements in Afghanistan in 20 years

Recently there has been a withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. This has happened almost two decades after waging war on terrorism.

Analysis of US achievements in Afghanistan over the past 20 years:

  • United States President Biden has claimed that the US has foiled the ‘Al-Qaeda terrorist network’ operating from Afghanistan. Its leader Osama bin Laden was also killed, as well as the justice of the ‘9/11’ terrorist attacks has also been completed.
  • Biden went on to say that this was the main goal of the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, not nation building. And that’s how President Biden has tried to justify the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.
  • However, such an idea is opposed by many over the fact that previous US presidents aimed to ‘remove the Taliban from power’ as a key aspect of winning the war on terrorism.
  • For this reason, the US continued to invest its resources in Afghanistan even after “dismantling the al-Qaeda network” and killing Osama bin Laden.
  • The important fact is that the terrorism that the United States had vowed to wage war in Afghanistan has not been successful, as the terrorist networks of Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State are still active in Afghanistan and surrounding areas.
  • The recent attack by ‘Islamic State’ (IS) terrorists on ‘evacuation efforts’ by United States military forces is a clear testimony to this.
  • Rising factionalism within the Taliban (Haqqani faction) could lead to a civil war-like situation, which could further increase instability in the region. Because of which, after spending more than $2 trillion in the war on global terrorism over the past 20 years and losing more than 2,300 soldiers, even the modest achievements of the United States may be destroyed.

Source – The Hindu

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