Alphabet’s Project Taara

Alphabet’s Project Taara 

Recently, Alphabet has started using lasers to deliver internet to remote areas.

Alphabet, under Project Tara, is currently using light beam internet technology in several regions around the world, including India and Africa. Alphabet is the parent company of Google.

Free Space Optical Communication (FSOC) technology is being used in Project TARA. In this the free space acts as a communication channel between the transceivers present in the line-of-sight.

It uses light beams to provide high-speed and high-capacity connectivity over long distances. It can transmit data at a high speed of up to 20 GBPS in both directions over a distance of 20 km.

FSOC stands for Outdoor Optical Wireless Communication (OWC). In contrast, indoor or short range OWC is called Light Fidelity (LiFi).

Currently LiFi is using the visible light spectrum to transmit data. In addition, it can also transmit data on the infrared and ultraviolet light spectrum (invisible light spectrum).

Advantages of FSOC technology:

  • It is more cost effective,
  • Can be used quickly,
  • Under this, data can be transmitted at high speed,
  • It is more useful in areas where physical constraints make it difficult to lay fiber cables.

Challenges in its implementation:

  • Conditions such as fog and mist or obstructions such as birds flying in the path of the signal reduce signal reliability;
  • This requires better mirror (especially concave) control.

Source – Economic Times

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