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Air-to-air missile Python-5 successful tested

Air-to-air missile Python-5 successful tested

  • India’s indigenous Light Combat Aircraft Tejas was successfully tested on April 27, Subsequently, the Defense Research and Development Organization successfully tested a series of Derby missiles and Python-5 missiles in Goa.
  • After this, India has successfully added the 5th generation Python-5 air-to-air missile to its ‘Tejas’ aircraft as a weapon.
  • According to DRDO the objective of this test was also to assess the increased capability of the already integrated Derby Beyond Visual Range air-to-air missile at Tejas.


  • It is the fifth generation air-to-air Python missile. It is manufactured by the Israeli arms manufacturer Rafael Advanced Defense System.
  • These missiles were manufactured by the Israeli government under the name “Safir”. Israel later referred to them as a Western name “Python” or “Derby” in the export of missiles.
  • It is Beyond Visual Range Missile. Beyond visual range missiles are those missiles capable of penetrating targets at distances of more than 37
  • It has an advanced seeker which also has electro-optical and image infrared homing. It is capable of scanning the target area of ​​an enemy country’s aircraft.
  • Python-5 was used in the 2006 Lebanon War. The Python-5 missile has a speed of 4 Mach and weighs 11

Derby Missile:

  • Like the Python, the Derby is also a Beyond Visual Range Missile. It was also manufactured in Israel. In fact, the Python-5 is an improved version of the derby.

Source: PIB

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