AgriStack: New Digital Purpose for the Agriculture Sector

AgriStack: New Digital Purpose for the Agriculture Sector

AgriStack: New Digital Purpose for the Agriculture Sector

Recently, a pilot program will be run by the Ministry of Agriculture for 100 villages, for this the Ministry of Agriculture has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Microsoft.

Through this agreement, there is a need to create a ‘Unified Farmer Service Interface’ from Microsoft’s cloud computing services.

This comprises a major part of the ministry’s plan to create ‘AgriStack’, which is a collection of technology-based interventions in agriculture, on which all other structures will be built.

About AgriStack:

  • It is a collection of technologies and digital database that will serve the farmers and agriculture sector.
  • AgriStack will create an integrated platform to provide end-to-end services to farmers across the agri-food value chain.
  • This is going to take forward the Centre’s ‘Digital India Programme’, which aims to make massive efforts to digitize data ranging from land digitization to medical records in India.
  • Apart from this, the government is also going to implement the National Land Records Modernization Program (NLRMP).
  • The program would allow each farmer to have a unique digital identity (Farmer ID) containing his personal details, information about the land he would be cultivating, as well as production and financial details. This digital national ID of farmers will be linked to Aadhaar.


  • Most of the farmers in India are small, small and marginal farmers with limited access to advanced technologies or formal credit that can help improve production and get better prices.
  • Problems like inadequate access to credit and information, pest infestation, crop failure, low cost of crops and yield prediction can be adequately tackled with the use of digital technology.
  • It will spur innovation as well as increase investment in the agriculture sector and promote research for more resilient crops.

Source: The Hindu

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