Agriculture sector was most affected by extreme weather events

Agriculture sector was most affected by extreme weather events

Most affected by extreme weather events the government’s data on crop losses and damages in recent years gives the following information:

  • Since 2016, 36 million hectares of agricultural land has been affected due to hydro-meteorological disasters including heavy rainfall and floods.
  • The farmers have suffered a loss of Rs 29,939 crore.
  • How do climate change and disasters affect agriculture?

Yield drop:

Extreme heat, floods and droughts result in yield declines. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), disasters have already resulted in the loss of up to 4 percent of potential crop and livestock production in the world.

Effects on Fisheries: Changes in water temperature make the water favorable for invasive species. This changes the range of variation or life span of some fish species.

Impact on Livestock:

  • This creates a double problem for the livestock. Under direct impact they face overheating and under indirect effect the quality of their food supply declines.
  • Inflation due to crop loss: According to the Asian Development Bank, a 1% increase in food inflation leads to a 0.3% increase in infant and child mortality and a 0.5% increase in undernutrition.

Measures taken by the Government:

  • The Ministry of Earth Sciences has launched the National Monsoon Mission (NMI). The objective is to develop a state-of-the-art dynamic forecasting system for monsoon rainfall over different periods.
  • High-performance computing facilities have been established for data analysis, sophisticated forecast modeling, etc. on weather systems.

Source – The Hindu

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