The Farmers Right To Guaranteed Minimum Support Price Realization Of agricultural produce Bill 2021

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Agricultural produce Bill 2021

Recently, the Right of Farmers to get Guaranteed Minimum Support Price for agricultural produce Bill 2021 has been presented.

This bill has been recently proposed by a private member (Member of Parliament, who is not a minister).

The following major provisions have been made in this-

  • Providing 50% assured return to farmers on the overall cost of production of a crop.
  • A provision of Rs 1 lakh crore corpus will be made to give compensation to the farmers who are forced to sell their produce at a price less than the MSP.
  • A separate department will be created to ensure the legal guarantee of MSP and a provision of imprisonment has been made for non-compliance traders.
  • Presently, MSP is available on 22 agricultural items and sugarcane (fair and remunerative price) as declared by the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP).

About Private Members’ Bill –

  • Bills introduced by private members are referred to as private member bills.
  • Whether a private bill is to be accepted or not is decided by the Speaker of the Lok Sabha or the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha.
  • The MPs, who want to present the Private Member Bill, will have to give at least one month’s notice. Only on Fridays it is presented and discussed. Only 3 Bills can be introduced per session by private members.
  • According to PRS Legislative Research, no private member bill has been passed by Parliament since 1970. Additionally, Parliament has so far passed 14 such bills.

Source – The Hindu

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