Advisory issued for installing flex-fuel engines in vehicles

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Advisory issued for installing flex-fuel engines in vehicles

Recently, the government has issued an advisory to automakers to install flex-fuel engines in vehicles.

  • Car makers have been given six months to install flex-fuel engines so that in future cars can also run on ethanol.
  • The FFV is a modified version of the vehicle powered by blended petrol containing varying levels of gasoline (petrol/diesel) and ethanol mixtures.
  • They are currently being used successfully in Brazil. This has given people the option of substituting fuels (gasoline and ethanol).
  • Flex fuel, or flexible fuel, is an alternative fuel made from a mixture of gasoline and methanol or ethanol.

Benefits of FFV

  • It offers the option of using bio-fuel, which is better than petrol (the import option is cost-effective, pollution-free and local).
  • The target date for achieving 20% ethanol-blending with petrol has been extended by five years to the year 2025.
  • Can help to overcome the problems of surplus food grains (can be used in making ethanol).
  • Helpful in reducing dependence on oil imports.


  • Requires additional investment from auto companies in production lines and technology transfer.
  • Ethanol can cause corrosion and damage the engine.
  • Ethanol is not as economical as gasoline, as it does not provide the same level of fuel efficiency.

Source – The Hindu

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