Advanced Chaff Technology to safeguard naval ships from missile attack

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Advanced Chaff Technology to safeguard naval ships from missile attack

Advanced Chaff Technology to safeguard naval ships from missile attack

Recently, the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has developed an advanced chaff technology to protect naval ships to avoid enemies’ missile attacks. This advanced chaff technology has been developed under the ‘AatmNirbhar Bharat’ mission.

It has been developed by Jodhpur Laboratory of DRDO. Three variants of this technology have been built – short-range, medium-range and long-range chaff rockets. The Indian Navy tested all three variants of the DRDO made chaff rockets in the Arabian Sea and all the tests were successful.

Advantages of advanced chaff technology:

  • The advantage of placing chaff rockets in warships is that when they are launched, the enemy’s missile collides with them and explodes in the air. This saves the warships.
  • It is the same device as the anti-missile flare system in fighter jets, That is, upon seeing the missile coming, the anti-flare system leaves the fountains of fire behind the jet. The missile is destroyed by colliding with them.

Key features of the technology:

  • Advanced chaff technology rocket is an electronic countermeasure technology. The chaff technique is used in naval ships worldwide for self-defense, against enemy radar and radio frequency missile seekers.
  • It is connected to the onboard missile tracker system. As the enemy missile approaches the ship, it destroys the missile by flying in the air.
  • Advanced chaff technology also destroys attacking missiles by tracking radio frequencies, or by sensing heat or sensing infrared technology.
  • The most important fact of the advanced chaff technology developed by DRDO is that it uses very little chaff material to deflect enemy missiles.


  • The chaff is basically called a window. The idea of using chaff arose in the Second World War era. It is basically a radio frequency countermeasure.
  • Modern armed forces use chaff, to distract radar-guided missiles from their targets.Battleships use chaff for self-defense.

Source – The Hindu


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