AdiSankaracharya  birthplace likely to be declared as national monument

AdiSankaracharya  birthplace likely to be declared as national monument

AdiShankaracharya was an Advaita philosopher. He was born in Kaladi (1st – 8th century AD) of Ernakulam district (Kerala).

Under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958, the Archaeological Survey of India designates a monument as a monument of national importance.

The Act authorizes the Central Government to maintain, protect and promote the site. Also, it can be considered to be of significant historical importance.

About AdiShankaracharya:

  • He was born in the village of Kaladi, situated on the banks of the Periyar River. Periyar is the largest river of Kerala. At the age of 8, he left home to search for his guru, Guru Gobindpad.
  • He was instrumental in the revival of Hinduism. He considered the purity and stillness of mind achieved by yoga to be helpful for self-liberation.
  • He propounded the Advaita Vedanta philosophy. This essentially means that the Jiva is not separate from Brahman i.e. Jiva and Brahman are one.
  • The Upanishads, according to him, refer to a fundamental principle of Advaita as Brahman, which is the reality of all things.
  • The basic essence is that the soul is pure aimless consciousness. There is no existence other than the soul, it is non-dual and its existence is infinite. Soul is Brahma.

Source – The Hindu

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