Adaptation Gap Report 2022

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Adaptation Gap Report 2022

Recently the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has released the Adaptation Gap Report 2022.

This report is published annually. It reports on progress in planning and financing and implementation of adaptation actions.

The adaptation gap is actually the gap between the goal set by the society and the adaptation actually implemented. Targets are set primarily on the basis of priorities related to climate change impacts.

Adaptation refers to the steps already taken to protect against the effects of inevitable climate change. It is one of the three major pillars of climate action.

Other two are: –

  • Mitigation: Steps such as the adoption of renewable energy and electric mobility are examples to prevent more global warming.
  • Loss and Damage: This includes developing systems that will help a country affected by a climate-related event regenerate.

Key findings of the report –

Global efforts towards adaptation planning and funding and implementation are not enough to prepare the world’s vulnerable communities to adapt to the growing risks from the effects of climate change. At least 84% of UNFCCC parties have developed adaptation plans, strategies, laws and policies. The financing flow for adaptation is 5-10 times less than the requirement. This causes the adaptation gap to continue to widen.

Suggestions for better optimization practices-

  • Stakeholders like local communities, indigenous residents etc. should be involved in the decision-making process on an actual basis.
  • The support process should be transparent, accountable and predictable.
  • Adaptation should be integrated with national development priorities, strategies and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Investments should be made in local capacities, capacity building and democratic governance structures etc.

Source – The Hindu

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