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Criminal tribes act 1871

Criminal tribes act 1871 The various pieces of legislation in India were inclusively known as Criminal Tribes Act during British rule since the 1870s. They criminalised all communities by categorising them as habitual criminals. Thus,

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Christian Personal Law 1872

Christian Personal Law 1872 Christians came to India and settled here many centuries ago. The East India Company was assumed as the ruling power in the country and established its own courts. The common law

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Indian telegraph Act 1885

Indian telegraph act 1885 The Indian Telegraph Act was passed in 1885. It was proposed to give the central government power to establish telegraphers the use of wired and wireless telegraphy, teletype, telephones, radio communications

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Age of consent Act 1891

Age of consent Act 1891 Why it is in news? Prime Minister, Narendra Modi announced that the central government has set up a committee to reconsider the minimum age of marriage for women which is

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Indian Council Act 1892

Indian Council act 1892 The Indian Council Act of 1892 was passed with the intention of increasing the size of various legislative councils in India so that the engagement of Indians with respect to the

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Indian Forest Act 1927

Indian Forest Act 1927 The Indian forest act was enacted in 1865. It was amended first in 1878 and again in 1927. This act did not focus on the conservation of forests in place of

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Child marriage restraint Act 1929

Child marriage restraint act 1929 The child marriage restraint act fixed the marriage ages 14 and 18 years for girls and boys respectively. This act was a legislative act passed on 28 September 1929. It

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Punjab land Alienation Act 1900

Punjab land Alienation act 1900 In 1900, the Punjab Land Prevention Act was passed by the government of Punjab. The state government has proposed many changes through the Punjab Land Prevention bill 2019. Click here

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Indian Press Act 1910

Indian Press Act 1910 The Indian Press Act was rolled out to curtail the progress of the Swadeshi movement. This act provided better control of the press and resurrected the worst aspect of the Vernacular

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Indian independence Act 1947

Indian independence Act 1947 The Indian Independence Act was passed by the British parliament on July 5, 1947. It was based on the Mountbatten plan and received royal assent on July 18, 1947. This act

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Robert Clive

Robert Clive In this article, we will talk about Robert Clive as it is an important topic for the IAS exam aspirants. He was responsible for the East India Company getting control of Bengal, therefore,

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Warren hasting 1732-1818

Warren hasting 1732-1818 In this article, we will share details about Warren Hastings the first Governor-General of Bengal and measures taken by him during his tenure for example revenue reforms, abolition of the dual system,

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Defence of India Act 1915

Defence of India Act 1915 The Defence of India Act is also known as the Defence of India Regulation Act. This was an emergency criminal law and was elected by the Governor-General of India in

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Government of India Act 1919

The Government of India Act 1919 was enacted to increase the participation of Indians in the administration of their country. it was an act of the British parliament and based on the recommendations of a

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Rowlatt Act

The British government passed the Rowlatt Act to increase their hold on power over the common people. This act was passed by the Imperial Legislative Council in March 1919. Click here to Contact Us  |

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Official Secrets Act 1923

Official Secrets Act 1923 In 1904, the Indian Official Secrets Act was introduced by Lord Curzon. It was replaced by the official secret act in 1923 The official secret act 1923 was one of the

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Indian sales of goods act 1930

Indian sales of goods act 1930 – More and less, every kind of business encloses the sale and purchase of goods as part of its transaction. Businessmen are often entering into a contract of sale

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Partnership Act 1932

Partnership Act 1932 – When a formal agreement between two or more people is made who agree to be the co-owners, distribute responsibilities for running an organization and share the income or losses that the

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The Government of India Act 1935

The British Parliament passed the Government of India Act in August 1935. It was the longest act passed by the British parliament at that time. It was divided into two separate acts, the Government of

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The Industrial Disputes Act 1947

The Industrial Disputes Act is the primary legislation governing dispute resolution in India. This Act was passed to provide for the investigation and settlement of industrial disputes to prevent legal strikes and lockouts and to

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The social-religious norms that were well followed were criticized by the then great scholars like Zoroaster in Iran and Confucius in China in the 6th century BC. They emphasized ethical and moral values. Two alternate

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