Abell 370 (NASA)

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Abell 370 (NASA)

Abell 370 (NASA)

NASA recently shared a photo of Abell370, a cluster of galaxies. This photo was shared on the NASA Hubble Telescope’s Instagram account.

Key point (Abell 370):

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration shared a stunning picture of the massive galaxy cluster- Abell370 on its social media account on January 19, 2021. The picture is a first-of-its-kind, as it shows a huge cluster of galaxies. NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope shared the image on its Twitter and Instagram accounts with a post that read, “Smears and streaks of light cover this Hubble Classic image of galaxy cluster Abell370. The huge gravity of this cluster causes light to bend as it passes through, distorting our view of galaxies behind Abell 370, creating the warped shapes seen here.”

The Abell 370 galaxy cluster is located 4.9 billion light-years away from the Earth in the constellation Cetus. Abell370 is one of the first galaxy clusters which showed effects of gravitational lensing. Johan Richard of Durham University in the United Kingdom and his colleagues studied Hubble’s images of Abell 370 and identified ten distant galaxies lensed by the cluster, including six that hadn’t been spotted before.

Source – The Hindu


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