Aahaar Kranti : A mission aims to address nutritional awareness in society

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Aahaar Kranti : A mission aims to address nutritional awareness in society

Recently the Union Health Minister launched the “Aahaar Kranti”, which aims to spread the message of the need for a nutritionally balanced diet and to understand the importance of access to all local fruits and vegetables.

Aahaar Kranti Mission

  • Vigyan Bharati and Global Indian Scientists and Technocrats Forum (GIST) have started this mission with the motto of “Good Diet-Good Cognition”.
  • The “Aahaar Kranti” aims to find a solution to the problem of hunger and diseases in abundance in India.
  • Significantly, India produces twice as many calories than it consumes, but still many people in the country are still malnourished. The reason for this problem is the lack of awareness regarding nutrition in Indian society in general.
  • A nutritionally balanced diet is even more needed during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, while a healthy body can fight this virus with high disease resistance and high endurance.
  • In addition, the United Nations also declared 2021 as the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables.In addition, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal-3 also emphasizes human welfare, which, according to it, “to ensure health and well-being for all, at every stage of life.”
  • India has a unique knowledge of Ayurveda, so the “Aahaar Kranti” will try to use the country’s rich knowledge of Ayurveda-based nutrition.

Source – PIB

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