Aadi Mahotsav

Aadi Mahotsav 

Why In News? 

  • Recently the Union Minister for Tribal Affairs inaugurated the Aadi Mahotsav (National Tribal Festival) in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Aadi Mahotsav

About Aadi Mahotsav:     

  • Aadi Mahotsav mega event is being organized by Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Limited (TRIFED).
  • It is an attempt to showcase tribal culture on the national stage and it celebrates the spirit of tribal culture, crafts, cuisine, commerce, and traditional art.
  • At the event, a total of more than 100 stalls will showcase a kaleidoscope of India’s tribal culture, craftsmanship, culinary artistry and economic endeavors.
  • This Aadi Mahotsav will showcase ‘millets grown by the tribals’ besides other attractions of handicrafts, handlooms, pottery, jewellery.

With Reference to TRIFED:

  • Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED) was established in the year 1987. It is an apex national level organization which functions under the administrative control of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs.
  • TRIFED is headquartered in Delhi and has 13 regional offices located at different places in the country.
  • TRIFED helps tribal people to produce products for national and international markets on a sustainable basis.
  • It also supports the formation of self-help groups and providing training to them.
  • Capacity building for tribals, promotion of tribal products, and creation of marketing opportunities for tribals with the aim of ensuring remunerative prices for their products and increasing their income on a sustainable basis.
  • The main objective of TRIFED is to develop the socio-economic development of tribal people in the country by marketing development of tribal products like metal art, tribal textile, pottery, tribal painting on which tribal people are highly dependent for a major part of their income.

Activities of TRIFED:

  • Minor Forest Produce (MFP): An important source of livelihood of the tribal people is non-timber forest produce, commonly called minor forest produce. It includes all non-wood products of plant origin, such as bamboo, cane, sorghum, leaves, gums, waxes, dyes, resins and many types of food such as nuts, wild fruits, honey, lac, silk, etc.
  • Retail Marketing and Development: TRIFED aims to create a commercial market for tribal people, where they can sell their self-made products. It is serving as a source of various handicrafts, handlooms and natural and food products.

Source – PIB

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