75 Years of United Nations Peacekeeping

75 Years of United Nations Peacekeeping

Recently, the 75th anniversary of the beginning of UN Peacekeeping is being celebrated. The theme of this year-long global campaign is “Peace Begins With Me”.

  • United Nations peacekeeping was started in 1948. It was initiated after the UNSC authorized the deployment of UN military observers to the Middle East.
  • There are currently 12 UN peacekeeping operations in operation. According to the United Nations Charter, the UNSC has the responsibility of conducting UN peacekeeping operations. The UNSC determines when and where UN peacekeeping is to be deployed.
  • It helps warring countries to establish lasting peace. Also, it supports the political process and protects citizens. It helps in disarmament and reduction of military deployment and guarantees a cease-fire.
  • It operates on the basis of three basic principles: consent of all parties, impartiality and non-use of force except in situations such as self-defense and defense of the mandate. In the year 1988, UN peacekeeping soldiers were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

India and the United Nations Peacekeeping:

  • India has deployed over 200,000 troops in about 49 UN peacekeeping missions over the years.
  • India was the first country to deploy an all-women contingent under the United Nations Peace Keeping Mission in Liberia.
  • India has launched the UNITE Aware Platform in collaboration with the United Nations.
  • It is a situational awareness software program. It will use advanced surveillance technology for real-time threat assessment for peacekeepers.
  • India has provided COVID-19 vaccines for UN peacekeeping personnel across the world.

Source – The Hindu

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