7 Common Misconceptions About Online Classes for UPSC

Candidates are still not very comfortable with the idea of going for UPSC online coaching. There are some common misconceptions that round online UPSC classes that are not true at all. The internet has changed our lives like never before. All the things now can be done online just with the help of a few clicks.

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Generally, we plan to join UPSC coaching, surely imagine a picture of a classroom full of students, a whiteboard, pen, notebook and chairs or desks. Technological innovations have completely changed the coaching system. There has been a remarkable growth in online classes for UPSC. The majority of students are joining online coaching that is more convenient and budget-friendly. However, if you are still doubtful about this conventional method of learning. These are some common misconceptions related to online UPSC classes. Let us break these myths about IAS online coaching.

Lack of direct interaction with the teachers

Online classes are not the same as video lectures. The teachers will guide you in learning even if you are not physically present in front of them. Online classes are different from E-learning. Online UPSC classes are about learning from lectures along with interaction with teachers and other subject experts. They will assist you in understanding all the basic concepts.

No option of learning from peers

Undoubtedly, learning from peers is one of the best ways to gain knowledge. Many candidates believe that online UPSC coaching lacks in this area but with the advancement of technology and innovations, online coaching institutes have resolved this problem. Also, you can better interact with peers from different regions of the country through online forums, discussion groups and video conferencing features.

Lack of direct participation of the candidate

Many parents and students have a common perception about online classes that they lack the direct participation of students. However, it is only a big misconception. Online classes have far better student-teacher interaction as some students may feel shy in speaking in front of peers. The virtual environment diminishes the linguistic and social-cultural barriers. Candidates feel more confident in interacting with teachers and students.

Online coaching ends in lesser time

The majority of students believe that online coaching takes less time than traditional classroom coaching but it is important to know that online UPSC coaching is similar to traditional classroom coaching. Also, online coaching offers the flexibility of time and they can attend classes as per their availability and need. The students don’t need to go to a coaching institute regularly and this makes a big difference, you save a lot of crucial time that’s why online courses take less time to complete the same syllabus.

Students do not get feedback

Many students think that online classes do not provide feedback but they will have to understand that some institutes like Youth Destination are providing feedback and results of weekly mock test series on a regular basis. Candidates can analyse their performance through practice tests or mock test series. Moreover, they have the option to face to face interaction with teachers through video calling to get their feedback.

Top-notch technical knowledge

Obviously, you need to know how the computer functions if you want to enroll in online IAS coaching. However, there is no need to have top-notch technical knowledge. In other words, if a student can use a smartphone, he can pursue online UPSC coaching. Our target is to make the online learning platform more user-friendly and sophisticated for better student learning. You can contact our technical team round the clock for any guidance.

Online UPSC class is a very lethargic process

This is a common perception that needs to be changed. It is often believed that online UPSC classes make study a very lethargic process and the environment is too lenient. Youth Destination online UPSC classes are self-paced in that they allow students to make their own schedules. But they will get the complete syllabus covered by the given deadline.

Online UPSC programs are easier than the offline one

There are challenges associated with both online and offline UPSC coaching. A lot of reputed coaching institutes in Mukherjee Nagar, provide genuine online classes. No doubt online classes may be more tricky, you don’t have the luxury of asking peers to explain a small concept to you or an unlimited amount of information can confuse you but with the right guidance and time management, you will handle all these problems.

Candidates can realize that the best online coaching for UPSC is just as demanding as face to face courses. Our teacher provides the same quality of classes in a short time.

Lower quality

Many candidates still think that the quality of UPSC online classes is lower and they don’t have the same standard as traditional courses but it is farther from the truth. Maybe, some online classes are designed poorly and the content delivered is low quality but it is also true for offline classroom coaching. All institutes do not provide the same quality education. We, at Youth Destination, provide classes that are well organized and the content is delivered in a way that confirms best practices for online learning in general.

Cheating is common in online UPSC classes

Candidates may think of taking advantage of all resources as classes are online. Our teacher utilises various means to protect the integrity of UPSC online classes. We cover the same amount of material as offline classes but in a shorter time.

Benefits of online coaching for UPSC exams

There are thousands of candidates preparing for the UPSC exam in our country. Our country has faced the toughest time in the last 2 years. Despite this fact, candidates are continuing their preparation without giving up and hoping for a better future. Coaching centres across the country are not open for offline classes so online classes are the best possible alternatives. These are some benefits of the best online coaching for IAS.

Time management

You can take online coaching in the comfort of your home and on time when you are comfortable taking the class. There is no need to travel to reach your coaching classes. And, you can save this time for studying itself and revision. All the classes are rescheduled and you can arrange your daily task according to the received timetable. You will be notified earlier about the classes. The duration of each class is also known to each candidate. Thus, time wastage is minimal compared to offline classes.

Mock test series

Offline materials would cost more than online ones but you will be provided unlimited practice tests and solutions in online classes. The cost will be saved on paper and printing. Moreover, the storage space is also not an issue in the virtual classes. Aspirants can get a lot more materials and tests than offline classes.

Interactive video classes

Video classes can be assessed at any time and they are long-lasting even if you can pose the videos and take down notes according to your whims. The more you repeat the thing the better it gets saved in your brain and online classes provide the same service. You can watch the video classes on repeat mode until you don’t understand the concept properly and there is no extra charge to be paid for this feature.


Online classes are very cost-effective from various points, maybe in terms of travelling time spent on the unnecessary ways for offline classes or high fees demanded by offline classes.

Online classes are available at a low fee, suitable for each candidate’s needs and affordable irrespective of the economic backgrounds of the candidates. In addition, you also save money on travelling and other such expenses which are an inevitable part of offline classes.

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