6 UNESCO Heritage Sites Added in India

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6 UNESCO heritage sites added in India

Recently, 6 cultural heritage sites of India have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites potential list or temporary list. It has been announced by the Ministry of Culture of India.

Major sites to be included in UNESCO’s possible list of World Heritage Sites

  1. Riverfront of the historic city of Varanasi
  2. Temples of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu
  3. Satpura Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh
  4. Maratha military architecture in Maharashtra
  5. Hire BenkalMagalighic site in Karnataka
  6. Bhedaghat-LamhetaGhat in Narmada valley in Madhya Pradesh in Madhya Pradesh


  • Including these places, the total number of Indian heritage in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites has become 48. It may be noted that the Government of India sent a total of nine entries to UNESCO through the Archaeological Survey of India. Out of which only 6 have entered the probable list. These proposed sites will remain on the prospective list for one year.

What is a World Heritage Site?

  • We call the sites of cultural and natural importance world heritage. These places are also historically and environmentally important. Special efforts are made for their protection at the international level.
  • Any such site which is essential for human society, which has cultural and physical importance, is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Temples of Kanchipuram

  • It is a city in the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu state of India, Kanchipuram is also known as Kanchi. Kanchi is situated on the banks of the Palar River. Kanchi has very ancient temples, it is a very important pilgrimage of Hinduism It has also been the center of Hindu religious education for centuries. It is also famous for its silk saris. Kanchipuram is located in the Greater-Metropolitan Region of Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu.

Riverfront of Varanasi

  • The ghats of Varanasi are steps along the banks of the river that lead to the banks of the Ganges River. There are 88 ghats of this type. Most of these ghats were built in the 18th century when the city was under the rule of the Marathas.

Satpura Tiger Reserve

  • It is located in Madhya Pradesh. Other major attractions of the Satpura Tiger Reserve are the Pandava Caves, Dhupgarh Peak, Denwa Backwaters, and Rock Paintings. The Denwa Backwaters is a reservoir built by a dam on the Denwa River.

Maratha military architecture

  • There are more than 500 forts of different eras that make Maharashtra one of the most prosperous places in military architecture in the world. They were built between 1500 and 1800 CE.

Hire Benkal Magalighic site

  • It is located in Karnataka. The megalithic site is a large prehistoric stone used to construct a monument or structure.

Bhedaghat-LamhetaGhat in Narmada valley

  • These are also known as the Grand Canyon of India. On the other side of the Narmada River, one can experience the exquisite beauty of the marble rocks and their magnificent forms. Many dinosaur fossils have been found here. Here the river Narmada flows in a thirty-meter deep moat and flows between the marble rocks. These marble rocks are formed by the metamorphic system of limestone.


  • The full form of UNESCO is ‘United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’. It is a part of the United Nations.
  • It is headquartered in Paris (France). It was formed on November 16, The main function of UNESCO is to promote international peace through education, nature, and social science, culture, and communication.
  • Its main objective is to establish peace and security with the international cooperation of education and culture so that there can be a global consensus for justice, the rule of law, human rights, and fundamental freedoms written in the UN warrant.

Source – PIB

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