150 days strategy for UPSC (Prelims) 2023

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150 days strategy for UPSC (Prelims) 2023 Every UPSC aspirant and UPSC Coaching is gearing up to start preparing for the UPSC prelims exam.

The point to be noted here is that some of you may be self-preparing for the UPSC exam. Some of you have enrolled in various best UPSC classes in Delhi or some may have joined UPSC online classes in Hindi or English. Many candidates even started UPSC Prelims test series and a number of non-serious candidates may not have started yet. The strategy provided here can be followed by all the above-mentioned categories of students according to their needs and flexibility.

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If you are going to attempt the exam for the very first time, ‘150 days’ are more than enough to get through the prelims exam, if you work sincerely enough. The following strategy is provided to you:

  1. Know the syllabus: we would suggest that you should start your preparation by going through the preliminary exam syllabus and the mains examination syllabus thoroughly first. With the understanding of the syllabus, you will be able to relate to the relevant topic whatever be the source you are studying from.
  2. Read the newspaper: Start reading the newspaper on a regular basis, make it a habit and if possible prepare notes or type the content on your PC so that during the exam these notes become handy. For many aspirants it is difficult to start notes making from the newspaper in the initial days of preparation and with the passing time they leave this habit. But, it is very important that you go through the daily newspaper regularly.
  3. Try to start with polity or history: Why we are suggesting this because of the simple fact that you can easily relate to these subjects no matter from what educational background you are from. It is easy to relate the subject to your surroundings.
  4. Previous year question papers: Thoroughly going through the previous year’s question papers will give you an idea of what the exam demands of you and at what level you need to prepare. CSE preparation in general demands a thorough understanding of the pattern and the nature of questions asked in the exam because you are preparing for the one of the most competitive and prestigious exams in the country.
  5. Practice (prelims) mock test series: In the process of giving a mock test you will make many mistakes. Doing mistakes in the mock test while practicing is the best way to avoid mistakes during the exam. Aspirants can take questions from various UPSC online classes in Hindi websites or buy books of UPSC prelims test series for this purpose. Attempting several questions on a topic that you have studied will give you a clear picture about how well your preparation is going on.
  6. Secondary sources: Once you have established a daily routine, you can further supplement your preparation by going through other sources. Also, watch television channels like Rajya Sabha TV and Lok Sabha because they will provide you some very useful programs which will aid you in your preparation. Also, magazines like Yojana and Kurukshetra are very useful resources that will help you in keeping your knowledge with regards to government programs and initiatives updated.
  7. Also, along with this you will have to
  • Practice and prepare the CSAT section for one hour every day. This will let you sail through the CSAT paper.
  • Also, devote time for practicing mock tests in any UPSC Coaching in Delhi in which you have taken admission.
  1. Lastly, take care of your health. Do not have a very tight schedule initially because it will lead you burnt out before the exam and ultimately lead to an unfortunate results. Start with less number of hours of study thereafter with time increase your study hours which will help you in the quality study. Understand your strengths and proceed likewise. Do not deprive yourself of sleep unnecessarily; a healthy sleep cycle is most important for staying motivated and energized during this period.

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In the end, to cut the long story short, the important points this must be kept in mind while starting your preparation.

  1. Consolidate your preparation
    Try to complete the syllabus at least once and also revise it once before the actual exam. If you have already completed some portion till now, then try to finish the uncompleted portions and subject first.
  2. Monitor your test performance
    Firstly, check that if you are able to finish the paper on time and if your scores are improving. Also, rectify the errors you are doing while giving mock test.
  3. Health
    Eat well and sleep well. Generally, the prelims happen on the very hot day in the summer month. So, ensure that you should not fall sick. Also, take care of your health all time during your preparation.
  4. No breaks
    Avoid taking any break for anything in the last 3 months because this is very crucial time. As far as possible devote your time completely for the preparation.

Stay sincere and stick to the daily routine that you make for yourself according to your convenience and preparation level. You will find success no matter what the circumstances are!. Consistency and hard work is the key to success in this exam.

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