10 Factors to Look For In Best IAS Coaching In Delhi

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The UPSC Civil services exams are one of the toughest exams in the country, and preparing for these exams takes a fair bit of effort. The sheer size of the curriculum and the complexities of each subject make CSE a rather difficult paper to crack.


Students preparing for these exams not only put in long hours of study but often travel to places like Delhi; which is considered a leading centre for IAS preparation in India.


When it comes to IAS coaching institute in Delhi, there are numerous options to choose from. The challenge here is to identify the one which offers the best training and guidance for the IAS exams.


There are many qualities and characteristics that make a good IAS coaching centre. And, to help you identify one that is suitable for you, we have listed the following characteristics:


  1. Credentials of Teachers

When searching for top IAS academy in Delhi, the first thing you should look at is the credentials of the faculty.


The experience and teaching style of the teacher can add a lot of value to your Civil services preparations. The right teachers can not only help you learn the vast syllabus but can also become a guide in your struggle to realize your dreams of becoming a top civil servant.


The journey to success in IAS exams can be quite tiring. A good teacher can, however, put you on the right path and help you cross all the obstacles.


  1. Study material

To keep your preparations on track you must gather the right books and reading material. And, one way of getting access to the right study material is to enroll in a top IAS coaching in Delhi.


All top IAS coaching centres offer a comprehensive collection of books and other study material which is sufficient for covering the entire curriculum. Before you select a coaching centre for your preparations, you should go through the list of books they have to offer.


Clearing the CSE paper requires you to have a strong foundation in all the subjects. The right study material gives you a good conceptual understanding of the subjects which helps you prepare better.


  1. Teaching infrastructure

The IAS coaching centre that you choose for yourself should have properly equipped classes and should have all the teaching tools needed to carry out the classes effectively. Adequate seating arrangement, white boards, projectors and air-conditioned classrooms etc. are some of the things that you can check for.


A coaching institute with good infrastructure gives you’re the right resources and environment where you can focus on your learning. The quality of infrastructure also shows the kind of attitude the coaching centre has and whether it is committed towards their student’s success.


  1. Test series

Test series are often recommended by IAS aspirants who successfully clear the civil services exam, and, for good reason. By taking regular mock tests you can assess whether your preparations are good enough or not and also identify areas of strengths and weaknesses.


While researching on best IAS coaching centre in Delhi, you should see which coaching institute has a good mock test program and which ones offer a decent collection of test series.


This is one aspect of your IAS preparation that you cannot afford to compromise on.  Especially, once you have completed the entire curriculum; attempting a sufficient number of mock tests is an absolute must.


  1. Teaching style

An IAS coaching centre may have the best faculty, but it will be of no use if the teaching style is not something you can follow. Before you join a coaching institute you must insist on taking a few trial lessons; this way you can see if the teaching style is suitable for you and whether you follow what is being taught in the class.


  1. Online Tools

IAS coaching has also evolved with time, and many IAS coaching centres now use online tools to help their students prepare better. Some of the common tools include live online classes, Webinars, Recorded Video lesson and online test series etc.


A coaching centre that offers these facilities is certainly worthy of your consideration as these online tools facilitate the learning process and make it more engaging.


  1. Past results

What matter more than all the resources and facilities provided by a coaching centre, are their past performances. While researching on the IAS Coaching centers in Delhi, you should look at things like; its previous year’s results, number of students who have cleared the exam and also the top ranks that students have got. All this information will help you make a fair assessment of all the coaching institutes.


  1. Feedback from students

After you have identified an IAS coaching centre that is suitable for you and you have gathered enough information about it; you can even reach out some of the ex-students and find out more about the institute. Joining an IAS coaching institute needs an investment of both time & money; by asking a few ex-students about the coaching institute, you can make sure that this investment is safe.


  1. Counselling

Preparing for the civil services exam can be very long drawn and tiring process. The long hours of study, a vast curriculum, peer pressure, expectations etc. can really stress-out some students. The teacher and mentors of a good IAS coaching centre will have experience in handling these issues and they’ll be able to help you through the tough times.


  1. Course Fee & cost of additional resources

Finally, the cost factor also plays a role in IAS coaching. You have to find a coaching centre that offers the best training program, study material and other resources at a price that is affordable for you. You must make sure to make the most of the money you invest in your Civil Services preparation.


Getting the right guidance can make a big difference in your IAS preparation, and also improve your chances of cracking the exam. Finding the right coaching centre is, therefore, essential for your success.


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