10 Amazing Myths and Facts about UPSC IAS Exam

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10 Amazing Myths and Facts about UPSC IAS Exam

The examinations conducted by UPSC screen candidates and place them in some of the top-most positions in the country. The tests are designed to filter out the best of the best from the crowd of over 10 lakh aspirants appearing every year in these prestigious exams. 

Although nothing beats the age-old framework of working hard for successful results, sometimes candidates spread misconceptions, albeit unconsciously, about the exams, their proceedings and personal interviews. Harmless as they may seem, they can have an impact on serious aspirants. It becomes important to clear these, so the underlying current of false information does not hamper your preparations. What are these myths and facts? Let us find out below.

IAS Exams are the toughest to crack

People believe that the civil services exam syllabus knows no bounds and hence, is the toughest to clear. Although it is correct that the syllable is vast and takes at least a year to cover completely, it certainly has its limitations as well, despite its vertical or horizontal expansion. The right approach, careful preparation and a positive mindset can put you on the right track while a top-notch IAS Academy in Delhi, like Youth Destination, could greatly enhance your chances of succeeding. 

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Candidates must study long hours

Another common myth about the IAS exams is that one needs regular, uninterrupted study of 12-20 hours each day! Well, not everyone has the same intellect and therefore, not everyone requires the same time to cover the syllabus. The fact of the matter is that you can pass the exam by flying colors even by studying for 8 hours a day. Heck, many people crack the exams despite being in a full-time job, hence busting the myth of prolonger study of up to 20 hours daily!


Candidates should ‘know it all’

This is another one of those myths flying around the circle of aspirants. You do not have to be a walking encyclopedia to crack the UPSC exams. Knowing the exam subjects in-depth is required and more importantly, how to utilize your time well during the exam is what separates the winners from the rest. Mock test series help you in time management. You can check out the mock series designed by a renowned IAS Coaching, Youth Destination for reference. 

Only English-medium aspirants can clear IAS 

This is a fallacy arising out of the inferiority complex of candidates who do not belong to English medium. The medium of instruction is no reason by any chance, to the probabilities of your success in these exams. The commission and government agencies that gauge candidates want to look for problem-solving skills, common sense and knowledge about core subjects. The medium of instruction is just a way of getting your thoughts and ideas across. You would be better off in the long run if you ignore this myth.

Candidates need to memorize tens of books 

This is simply not true! You do not have to be a PhD in all the course topics to be successful. If toppers and the successful candidates are to be believed, you only need to study specific books for each subject. 

IAS officers are usually appointed as Magistrates

Not all IAS officers get to become the DMs – District Magistrates. The shocking truth is, many never get to become the DMs throughout their entire careers because it is an appointment that tends to be given for a period of 4-5 years throughout one’s service. Given the high number of postings in each state and a few DM ranks, it is only common that this responsibility comes to a few.

An IAS cadre officer is more powerful than IPS and IFS rank

In reality, the constitution of India does not enlist the powers of any officer or rank; it merely depends on the department of the officer. For instance, secretaries in several ministries, and heads of public sector undertakings are usually IAS officers and hence their powers change according to the position and department they work in. The jurisdiction of IPS, IFS and IRS officers are different due to their appointments and hence, there are no apples to apples comparison to be made.

IAS officers can not be removed from their service

According to the Indian constitution, any officer can be removed from their service given that incompetence, misdemeanor, corruption or other charges of similar nature are reported or proven in the court of law. In India, even the prime-minister is not immune to removal! The president of India can exercise his power to remove an IAS officer if need be.

IAS is a game of luck!

The case could not be farther from the truth here. It is true that most people do not clear the IAS exams in the first attempt and less than 1% make it to the IAS training academy; however, it is certainly not dependent upon luck. What one needs is meticulous planning, a game-plan and a diligent schedule to study. The course material and time management are the two most important keys to success in the prelims and mains. This is where an IAS institute in Delhi can help you.

IAS is the best job in India

An IAS aspirant has to go through a rigorous preparation regimen before clearing the exams and a training routine after clearing it. It is undoubtedly a prestigious job. However, it may be a few, but there are cons. The life of an IAS officer is not all sunshine and rainbows, for they can be posted to remote areas with no internet, electricity or modern facilities. 

Although it is not necessary that one goes through coaching for IAS, it is highly recommended that toppers who clear exams in the first attempt. However, you must look for an IAS institute in Delhi that provides you with excerpts from previous papers, targeted notes and has a track record of excellence. 

Youth Destination is a premier IAS Coaching institute in Delhi that helps you achieve your IAS goals in the best possible manner. Backed up by a team of expert teachers, thorough course material and world-class training methodology, it is an IAS coaching institute in Delhi that is preferred by thousands of students. 

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